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What Is A 4k Laptop

In the electronics industry, there are a lot of terms to sift through when you’re shopping for a new product. A lot of these terms are self explanatory, but many of them are not. This results in many confused shoppers, all trying to figure out what these terms mean and how they affect the quality of the product.

One such term is the “4k” laptop, it’s only two characters long so it’s not exactly an explanatory term. And unless you know a lot about laptops, you probably won’t understand what it means. That’s why this post exists! To tell you everything you need to know as a consumer about a 4k laptop.

What does 4k mean?

Even in regards to other electronics, not necessarily just laptops, I’m sure you’ve heard the term 4k (also known as UHD). Nowadays we’re hearing about 4k televisions and the term 4k in reference to video recorders as well. But many people don’t know what the term means and how much value it holds.

So allow me to explain.

The term 4k refers to an electronic device’s resolution, which is a measure of pixels on the screen of the device. But more specifically, 4k refer to a higher version of it. The typical resolution for an electronic device is 1920 by 1080, but on a 4k device, the resolution is 3840 by 2160. This is a much higher resolution!

And for more information on how this technology functions you can check out the article, “How 4k Works”.

So what does 4k mean in terms of laptops?

Now that you know what 4k means as a term, it should make a lot more sense the next time you hear about a 4k laptop. It simply means that the laptop has a screen with a 4k resolution, rather than the more basic resolution.

And it’s important to note that laptops absolutely can support UHD screens, contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere. We talk more about that in the article “Can Laptops Output 4k” and in the article “Can A Laptop Support A 4k Monitor”.

But now you might be wondering…

What does a 4k resolution do?

It’s been explained what a 4k resolution means in technical terms, but what does a 4k resolution mean to you? What does it bring to the table as far as your experience goes? These are the questions which are more important to the consumer. So they’re the questions we’ll be covering in this section. But you can find out more in the following articles: “Is A 4k Laptop Worth It”, “Does 4k Matter On A Laptop”, or “Are 4k Laptops Worth It”.

A 4k resolution essentially results in a more pleasant viewing experience. It enhances the visuals on the screen, and helps you see more clearly by providing a more precise picture. This is possible because the higher number of pixels on the screen allows the imaging to be a lot more exact.

The higher quality visuals are especially good for people who watch tv shows and movies on their laptops, or for those that are planning to game from the laptop. Additionally, if you’re going to be performing any visual work tasks on the laptop, a 4k resolution could be invaluable.

What are some other differences between 4k laptops and regular ones?

Although the changed resolution is the major factor at play here, a 4k laptop also comes with a few other changes. Some good and some bad. This is part of the reason why it’s so easy to figure out if a laptop is UHD or not, like we talk about in the article called “How Do I Know If My Laptop Is 4k”.

On the good side, 4k laptops often come with higher quality hardware installed because the laptop needs better CPUs, GPUs, etc in order to run the increased resolution. This means you’ll potentially be getting a more upgraded laptop model in more ways than one.

But on the bad side, 4k laptops often come with a few unique issues.

  • The battery tends to drain faster due to the laptop using more to run the 4k resolution.
  • If you game with the laptop, you might notice lower frame rates if the hardware of the laptop can’t keep up with the high resolution graphics.
  • A 4k laptop will also be considerably more expensive than a regular one. In fact, they’re notorious for their high price points.

These might not be gamebreakers for you, but ultimately you have to decide if the higher resolution is worth the other changes.

What is the future of the 4k laptop?

The future looks bright for any electronic device that implements a 4k resolution due to the fact that it’s cutting edge technology which isn’t projected to lose popularity anytime soon. And this has been the projection since the beginning! By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about the inception of UHD then you can check out the article “When Did 4k Come Out”.

But back to the topic… More and more electronics manufacturers are getting the game, and 4k is being spread to a lot more devices in recent years. Hence the uptick in 4k laptops.

So if you invest your money into buying a 4k laptop, you won’t be needing an upgrade anytime soon. Which is in addition to the others we’ve mentioned, is another major selling point of these laptops.

Should you buy a 4k laptop?

The answer to this question is subjective, it depends on your preferences and budget. But for many people who have weighed the pros and cons of a 4k laptop, the reward of such a high resolution makes the negative aspects (such as cost) worth it. And a lot of people are highly satisfied with the purchase after they make it.

Specifically if you belong to one of the groups we mentioned earlier; aka someone who watches a lot of video-form content, someone who performs visual tasks for work from their laptop, or those that use it for gaming; then you should be even more inclined to consider this option.

How do you find a 4k laptop?

You can find a 4k laptop by visiting local stores, but the most efficient way is to order one online. That way you have all the information at your fingertips instead of having to study the packaging, and you can search for “4k laptops” instead of sorting through the variety of options in-person. But we talk more about where to find these types of laptops in the article, “Which Laptops Have 4k Display”.

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