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what is 4k laptop 2023

Hello, I will compare and show the difference between a 15.6-inch 1080p full high-definition laptop and a 15.6-inch laptop with a 4K ultra-high-definition display. But first, let’s explain the difference with a simple picture. Here we are looking at a picture of a nice watch. The picture is a 1080p picture

As you see, that picture only fits once in the left laptop, but it fits four times in the right laptop.

As you guys may know, a 4K resolution is four times the resolution of a 1080p resolution.

As you’d expect,

everything on the 4K laptop will look sharper than on the 1080p laptop, but it really is a big difference. Take a look at these pictures.

I own a 4K laptop. At first, I was not sure if I should get it because,

reading online, I saw that some web images looked blurry on the 4K laptop, and also, Windows did not do a good job scaling applications to the 4K resolution. Let me tell you that it was true. I noticed

this when I got the laptop and had to switch some applications because they looked tiny.

After a few days, I got used to the blurry web images, and now I’m happy to report that it doesn’t happen that much anymore.

Web developers are embracing the new high-resolution displays.

There are still some scaling problems in Windows, but nothing too bad. What I do see is the super sharp text. It is a joy to read on this display.

size.There is really a difference. The only problem with a is 4K laptop is the steep price.

Overall, a 4K laptop will cost around three to five hundred dollars more than the 1080p

model. Manufacturers know

that not too many would pay that for just the screen upgrade, so the manufacturers

usually also add a better processor like an i7 instead of an i5 and extra memory like 16 gigabytes

instead of 8 gigabytes, also a better graphics. That is very clever marketing.

It is also good marketing because I’m very happy with my 4K laptop with extra

RAM and a powerful processor. My wallet may not be too happy though.

So, what do you think? Do you see a difference in the pictures? Once you get used to a 4K laptop and later

use a 1080p laptop again, you will get surprised. Once you are spoiled with a 4K display,

you won’t go back to 1080p. Also, let me just say that 1080p is not bad at all. I use a 1080p laptop for work.

It is just that the 4K is too good. It is like the iPhone 3 vs. iPhone 4 retina display. No one said that the iPhone 3 had a bad display until the 4 came out.

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