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tvs direct best 5 tvs 2023

This is the list of the Best 5 tvs direct in 2022

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hello and welcome to where we unbox review and demonstrate

1-Sony X90J 50 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K

x90j 4k tv in 55 inches as a respected

brand sony is well known for their quality tech and with the latest range of TVs

high-quality display the x90j in 55 inches will

bring the perfect picture to any content that you watch

thanks to the inclusion of the super-resolution XR

processor and accompanying upscaling features it’s roughly

the mid-range model in their new lineup

making it a good all-rounder in terms of price and features best

making everything seemingly plug and play with this

one so things like attaching the stand and setting up

are relatively quick tasks it’s even a pretty light

display making it very easy to move around

if needed after laying it down on a covered surface you get a good idea of what the back
looks like I quite like this subtle
grid design for a more
stylized look as opposed to the plain black plastic that you usually
get on most TVs
only a few things to
mention here
such as the large vent
along the top and the vase
amount directly in the center for wall mounting along the left there’s a strip

From the side connections for easy access especially when mounted on the wall

Quick access to what’s shown here you can get digital audio-visual from a speaker
mm head and this is only found in the best tvs direct 3.5 millimeter

four homes a LAN connection a satellite cable

connection and a composite input now only hdmis 3 and 4 support 2.1 compatibility

with one of them supporting e-arc for soundbar connection which does mean having to favor which console you want to receive the high-speed

connection if you have more than one next-gen is connected as well as a sound bar the tv stand

just simply slots into the bottom of the tv pushing it into position on both sides

interestingly it has alternating positions for either

central or edge support to work around your preferred accessories

kept under or around the tv no screws are required here which is good to know if you ever change your mind on the stand

position and just want to change things up there’s

little to no inbuilt cable management

provided here which is slightly disappointing though you do get some clips to at least

keep them in line with the stand for that

slight invisible cable look design wise we have a relatively thin tv that

works well both wall-mounted and on a stand it’s not as thin as some of its

competitors but it’s definitely in step with the new standard of tvs leaving it thin enough to fit on a modern

stand or flush to the wall when mounted when it comes to setup there are the usual long-winded
series of menus that you just need to go through for
logging into apps
turning on features and
personalizing everything
ready for use first up you’ll need to download the google
home app to begin this process if you already
have a google account
this is incredibly useful because you can link all of your online
profiles to the tv for more custom recommended

apps and shows it also lets your google assistant recognize your

the voice so when you direct commands and these features are in tvs direct

to the tv later on it understands you perfectly after this there are even more setup

stages some of these you can skip if you don’t have time but others are essential to accessing certain

features so please read everything carefully before

choosing to disable it with everything set up and ready to go let’s take a little look at

the menus and overall navigation as usual there’s a simple pop-up menu along the bottom for accessing all of your

inputs as well as a more in-depth menu for accessing

some of your most-used settings the main menu organize all of your apps and most used

settings into a simple tile system now sony has switched to google tv this year so you do get some

google specific perks such as google voice commands and home connectivity

through an app make navigation a little easier when integrating it with your

existing tech also helps when automatically linking all of your google preferences for instant personalization

like logging into your youtube for example the recommended apps are a little

overwhelming to work through but it does seem to contain a few more ads than

usual so if you want to remove these this can be done simply just in the settings

menu the plus side of this though is that all of tvs direct

the windows do show you where to find the show if you’re interested and if you have a

subscription service for it as well as some of the prices and overall ratings the included

remote does have the usual hotkeys for taking you directly to the most popular

streaming services and has a specific button to make the most of the google assistant

other than that it’s quite similar to previous years and works

just fine for what you need it to do the display itself does have a really nice bezel that almost edges to edge

making the most of the display that’s on offer but if you notice a

the difference in the materials used it’s not necessarily a cheaper plastic it’s more of an

ecological one in 2021 Sonia really stepped up their game with their new eco standpoint as the Bravia XR range uses

sustainable and recycled materials within the frame and plastic components to try and

reduce their effect on the environment so it’s great to see one of the biggest names

in tv trying to do their bit to give back some of what’s last diving right into the panel specs we

have a 4k 3840×2160 full array led display sony have used a variety of panel types in their

range this year with the higher end models using old and the budget models having

the standard led alongside this you’ll also get local dimming which will help

bring out the quality 3600 to 1 contrast ratio on top of having the hdr10 and Dolby vision duo for that sharp picture

quality I thought the picture was incredibly vivid when watching
animated movies and I thought
it got a true to life image when watching

live-action drama shows and cinematic classics in terms of brightness tvs direct and contrast the brightness felt a little low even in a dark room but the display did fare well in the brightness test and it was bright

enough that it didn’t need to change the settings many thanks to the XR light

control feature working in the background in the local dimming and light bleed test I hardly saw any deformities at all it was

comfortable to watch and really showed off the deep contrast on offer

here the XR package in this tv brings a lot to the table using a wide range of enhancing

features to really boost the picture from the power of the cognitive processor the many features bring

true to life colors and a wider color palette range as well as contrast enhancers to hone in those

lights and darks and level them out for a consistent picture with that said I could see it put

to work when watching a variety of new shows old favorites and even games delivering a nice consistent image I mostly

noticed the 4k upscaling with XR clarity I felt it brought back what was lost in the

expanded resolution-making older content looks like it was made to be seen in high

the resolution you’ll be pleased to note is that this tv also includes XR sound position now this works by offering more

outputs across the screen with specifically placed speakers to recreate a natural sound
quality this works alongside

voice zoom 2 which works by
analyzing voices and bringing

those particular levels up to
hear dialogue clearer than you usually
would I was finally able to hear the tv clearly

over any disruptive sounds
without having to touch the remote to alter the volume at all when it comes to

gaming you’ll be spoiled with that rich quality from sony tvs direct

you expect to see with next-gen gaming as it fully supports 4k at 120 hertz but as it’s a sony product it

will, of course, favor the ps5 over the Xbox automatically switching to the game mode when

connecting a ps console but both will easily support the high-speed input with a few

snags such as no variable refresh rate or all compatibility but I honestly didn’t feel

like I was missing something because the response time is good enough to show no visual tearing

and thanks to the already low input lag and high speed 2.1 connection the picture was

smooth and very comfortable even when
playing high-speed games like
Forza now I did play games on both the Xbox and PlayStation

consoles and found gameplay overall exceptional I played relatively close for

filming purposes and I didn’t see any flaws in the

picture quality, not even the odd

stutter I put most of this down to the high-speed HDMI

input but saying that there’s no VR

support the high-performance games I played ran very smoothly so after testing

this tv for a few hours I can easily say that it meets all of my expectations from a sony

brand tv the picture had so many adaptive features that I

found consistency in everything I watched

whether old or new content and even though the game features aren’t as fancy as

some of the TVs I’ve seen of late I thought gameplay looked fantastic after

switching to the game mode, especially when playing assassin’s creed

Valhalla on the ps5 I found this tv to be exceptional in pretty much everything I watched and definitely

want to consider when looking for a good mid-range tv so what do you

think about the x90j from the sony 2021 range tvs direct

2-VIZIO 55-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart

And if you follow us and if you don’t think you should, you know we just finished reviewing

some of the most impressive Sony TVs today. We’re going really hard in the opposite direction.

we’re going to dig into the Vizio v series tv Vizio’s most affordable tv line which

shows a lot of promise for those who want a big screen on a budget there’s a lot of

competition in this space now TCL and high sense for sure

Now on the back of this TV, you will find some very basic settings

you have a composite video input some analog audio and an ethernet optical audio output

a connection that kind of thing on the digital side of things you’ve got three

HDMI inputs and a USB input those three HDMI inputs are not going to support

HDMI 2.1 it’s HDMI 2.0 b and for that reason, you’re also only going to get arc instead of e-arc

Initial Setup

jumping to the front of the tv here it’s a decent looking

set I mean the bezels are a little on the chunky side but I’m not shocked at this

price point everything else is just kind of basic so let’s turn it on all right so we’ve turned on

the tv and this setup process which is mostly automated is going to take about 10

and a half minutes so my suggestion to you is just to say go and then go make

yourself a cup of coffee or a bowl of super I don’t care what you do just you know

walk away because it’s not worth sitting

around watching it happen when you come back you will have to accept some terms

These things are only found on tvs direct

and conditions and again this is going to have everything to do with the kind of sponsored

content that you see at the top of the smartest screen so beware what you’re doing here I’m going

to go ahead and accept it all just so I can skip through this stuff and ultimately we land here at the main

V Series Picture Settings

smartcast screen first thing I’m going to do is to go into the menu and hit the picture settings and it looks

like this tv ships in vivid which is interesting, I guess that makes sense maybe the target audience

for this tv would want the brightest

the setting they could get I’m going to move

that to calibrated because it’s way more accurate changes the color

temperature to warm which is a good starting point backlight is set at 100

already that’s interesting brightness at 50. that’s pretty typical by the

the way this tv does have full-array local dimming but it’s a pretty limited system it’s

only got about 12 zones of local dimming so not very advanced on that

going to advanced picture settings the backlight control is on that indicates that local

dimming is activated in fill mode this appears to be the only control that we

have available for motion smoothing

there is no other motion menu

that I can find which I find very interesting I mean it is a basic tv but like I really

want to have a little bit more control over things my presumption here is that if you go into

something like the sports mode that’s going to go ahead and enable some motion

smoothing to the degree that this tv may do that in order to get better smoother

sports but again let’s go back to calibrated and start

from there tvs direct

Now before I bounce off the list I want to go to the audio section because for one

the thing on this tv though it’s not on the spec sheet eh can play it in audio

menu if you want to also it’s going to ship

with virtual x round

sound on by default, not a big fan so I’m going to go ahead

Turn off surround sound only to get clearer sound quality from your TV

Well this is the thing I know I said earlier in this the article

that I was going to do some measurements but decided not to do it there

Picture Quality Impressions

just really no point in doing it whatsoever I did run through several test patterns that I’m super

familiar with the switch between SDR and hdr the fact of the matter is I didn’t see a

difference between any of them and in terms of color accuracy look no calibrator is

going to come and adjust this tv but you pull the thing out of the box and you just

start using it that’s where this tv is at so in terms of picture

quality’s not special that’s the bottom

line it’s just simply not a particularly special tv it does a very basic job of displaying

images on the screen so I guess what I’m getting to is if you have a really old tv like I’m talking about

crt old or maybe you have a really old ccfl

backlit LCD tv and you haven’t made the jump

into an led backlit tv yet you don’t want to spend a lot of money you

want a lot of screen real estate and maybe

this is going in your basement

or your garage or something this tv is fine it’s an inexpensive way to get a large

screen tv however if this is a tv that you’re going to tvs direct

watch on the regular the bottom line is the picture quality is not good enough to be

happy for a long period of time not when you can take a

step-up to even Vizio’s own m series

which at 65 inches is about

I would say you get a lot it would be worth saving to upgrade to the m series it’s a much

better TV this TV just doesn’t mean it says it’s HDR HDR 10 Dolby

vision hlg but it doesn’t have the brightness to back that up 400 nits which is like

the best this tv is doing I think it’s simply not enough

to make that hit I get that we review a lot of really high-end tvs so I’m trying to

keep everything in perspective here this is not a high-end tv but I am thinking back to

some of the high senses and the TCLs and even other videos that I’ve watched but I

think it’s really worth saving up a little

bit of money to get a whole lot more

picture quality out of something a little more expensive I also

have to mention in all of this that you know the

panel lottery is definitely a thing but in this

In this particular case, the screen that I got has some dirty

screen effect going on just a little bit in the corners

there’s definitely some vignetting and then there are

these very conspicuous bright bars on the

right and the left-hand side that’s not the backlighting system that is just simply

the screen that’s causing that so keep that in mind when you’re buying a tv at this

level the kind of quality assurance that you might get

with a more expensive tv may not really be here


now I can’t get out tvs direct of here


without talking about gaming for a minute because like gaming

is huge these days and we’ve been looking at that on a lot of tvs also Vizio advertises this tv as

having its pro gaming engine now it did automatically recognize that it was an Xbox

when I plugged it in so that’s cool interestingly

though it picked the bright mode and I’m not sure

engine and really the only thing you can do is select an hdr enhancement

option and also auto low latency mode which basically means that it’s going to drop

into its lowest input lag possible also I will mention that it’s turned off the backlight

control or the full array local dimming feature probably again in order to get the lowest

lag possible but in terms of gaming features that’s really it and in terms of hdr gaming

again there’s not really an hdr aspect to this tv I feel so that’s not really a selling point either really you’re looking

at getting auto low latency

and the low input lag that comes with it and that’s pretty much it so where do we

?Should You Buy The Vizio V-SeriesTV

land with the Vizio v series like I said I think if you’re looking

something where you just want a big screen and can throw the game on you know

maybe it goes in your basement may be out in your garage or your man cave or she shed

whatever you got this tv could totally work it’s very inexpensive and you can get a tvs direct

a lot of screen real estate for not a lot of money but keep in mind that if this is

going to be your main tv I’d go ahead and upgrade if you can it’s worth saving a little bit

3-LG OLED C1 Series 55” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV

if you were to ask me the best high-end tv to buy in 2022 this is the LG c1

OLED has it all amazing picture quality cutting edge features, especially for gaming

and sleek style sure it’s expensive but for the complete package no other tv at this price comes

close let’s take a look the c1 stunning picture is what you’re paying for it uses organic light-emitting diodes to create perfect

we’ll get to those in a minute

compared to the superb cx from 2020 LG didn’t change much it says the video processing is improved but in my

comparisons, I really couldn’t tell the difference the set does have better gaming features

however and that’s really the main improvement but before I get deeper into the gaming or

picture quality features let’s talk about styling this tv is super thin OLED allows it to be thinner

than any Lcd tv out there so if you put a pencil up next to it, for example, you’ll see it’s even thinner

there is a thicker area below

the panel that’s where the inputs and power supply are housed but overall

be this in most tvs direct

this tv is really slick from the front it’s almost all picture LG’s stand goes almost the

complete width of the panel as you can see here and around back it has weight so the

thing is very stable when it’s on a table, of course, you can wall-mount it if you want for the

backside you can see it has a white color that’s different

from what we’ve seen in the past but overall

really similar to LG’s motives, of course, a lot of people are going

to wall mount the tv then you won’t see the white back or the stand it’s almost

entirely pictured LG’s remote is a little bit different from last year there’s a ton

of buttons and the ability to control

other devices I also like the motion control which allows you to whip it around on the

screen the remote’s a little more complex than competitors with plenty of buttons

and there’s a bunch of shortcut keys to streaming services as well the c1 also has three built-in voice

assistants including Amazon Alexa google assistant and LG’s own

think service so you can press a

button on the remote and summon any of those at any

time to execute commands like turning

on and off the lights searching for content and what

have you let’s check out the

smart tv system pressing the home button on the remote fills the

screen with LG’s latest web os system

you can see there are a lot of different tiles on here plenty of content including a trending

now aisle right here that’s right

above your app list, this cv has a lot of built-in apps but not as many as Roku or google tv powered

televisions and I really don’t love this huge menu

for different services like youtube amazon prime video apple tv etc but all told this is one of the more

cluttered and less relevant systems that I’ve used of course you’re not going to worry about this

the system if you connect an external streaming device like a Roku or an apple tv now one

the thing I do like about the c1 is

there are plenty of options to adjust the picture you can go into the picture menu and choose from a

bunch of different pictures presets and dive a little bit deeper and get plenty of control there’s a

filmmaker mode and a cinema

mode both of which

I found really accurate in my comparisons so all that stuff is pretty standard but let’s

talk about something that isn’t the c1’s gaming features yeah

this is pretty much my new favorite gaming tv so let’s start with the inputs

they’re more capable than most competitors

in that, all four HDMI are HDMI 2.1 compatible which means they can handle 4k 120hz

input which is the highest you can get from the current PlayStation 5 Xbox series x consoles

they also work with high-end pc cards so you can actually connect all three to this television, of

course, the inputs also support variable

refresh rate and one supports e-arc which is the enhanced

audio return channel for use with new av receivers so that’s the inputs but

where this tv

really shines for gaming is its new game optimizer mode it starts

with this status display

which is really cool it shows you all the basic stats you need about

gaming for those high-end consoles

including variable refresh rate status the current frame rate

status as well as the picture

mode for gaming and even whether the tv’s in input lag reduction

mode so all those things are great for tvs direct

for gamers to have at a glance on this television I really like that

a feature you can dive deep into game optimizer and play with pretty much

any setting there are

various genre-based picture modes for gaming including first-person shooter strategy

etc that tweak the image a little bit I still like standard best for most cinematic

games but fps works

really good if you want to see into the shadows and detect your enemies, of course, this tv has

excellent input lag for gaming around 13 milliseconds and there’s a boost mode where you can

reduce it even further although that’s a little bit limited in your inputs my comparisons gaming was

excellent on this tv as good as any as I’ve seen

so all told between those features input capability and general image quality it’s a superb

gaming tv so let’s talk about that picture quality comparison

for this review, I set up the c1 next to a Tcl 8k tv as well as the c10 from last year let’s start with the Tcl

compared to the TCL the LG c1 was definitely better yes the Tcl measured

brighter and you could

see that in some really bright hdr material but all told the contrast

and excellent black levels

of the c1 let it really improve image quality wondering about 8k, yeah

there really wasn’t any

a detailed difference that I could see between the two TVs in fact at times

the 4k OLED tv actually looked

sharper of course color and off-angle was better on the OLED tv so again

overall a step above the TCL led tv despite its excellent full-array local dimming

The backlight now compared to the C10 from last year was

much closer, the C1 I

think this will be in all  tvs direct modern

C1 seems to be a little brighter but again when watching any

the material in the program

material anything I couldn’t really tell unless I put up a meter and measured them both and

again the very slight advantage went to the c1 from 2020. the two TVs were also very

close in other aspects of image quality

Advantages and disadvantages quickly

including video processing despite the c1’s better processor on paper

all told the c1’s main advantage against the c10 from last the year is its

features but otherwise, the two are really similar

and you can get one at a lower price than the other

that’s what I could recommend one big difference between the two series though is the LG

did add an 83-inch size that thing is gigantic

and of course a lot more expensive than the other sizes in the series

there’s a 48 the 55 the 65 that i

reviewed as well as a 77-inch size they’re all relatively

expensive but again compared to the q led TVs

out there, especially at the high end, you’re going to get a lot better picture that’s a quick

4-Amazon Fire TV 50″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

4-Amazon Fire TV 50" 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

and if you haven’t realized it amazon has entered the television business with this

The new series is called the Omni series and it’s available from a 43 inch all the way

up to 75 inches so there’s a lot of different

I’m going to show you guys all the different racial asymmetries

and in that stuff, I’m basically

I will review the TV and show you guys the most important different and special things

so that you will get a general idea about this TV

when you get everything out of the box you’re going to see the feet some screws to
mount the feet onto the television
as well as a setup guide
remote control
power cord and this right here this is
what they call ir blaster now what this is used for you can sit it in front of cable boxes
and any type of unit that the tv can program

to and you can use the remote control to come to tv to send a signal through this like

an ira blaster I only have the 43-inch model so I will tell

you that it is made out of a lot of

plastic which shouldn’t take away from the picture quality and when I

was mounting the feet on the feet

are also made out of plastic but it was easy to screw on on the bottom of all models

you’re going to find an 8 watt by 2 audio amplifier and it does support

what they call adobe

audio in case you lose your remote control on the bottom

of the television, there’s a press

a button that allows you to turn the tv off and do some of the basic features

In addition to that, you can download the amazon fire application

And you can use your smartphone

and you can use your smart device or tablet to control the tv as well when it comes to remote

control it’s easy to navigate you have a power button on top as well as a microphone you have

your voice commands a number pad and then you have the home button

that takes you back to your main

screen no matter what you do on the television now at the bottom of it you’re going to find hotkeys

such as amazon prime NetFlix but sometimes this can vary on which model you pick up after

doing some research I couldn’t figure

out if these are tips or VA panels just not stated on the web but if you guys have one or

have a source go and leave that in the comments below but when it comes

more cinematic look you definitely want to go with the 55 or 65. here’s a look at the back
panel on the 43 inches you can see that it’s not smooth

all the way across and it does have indention on the back and I will tell you that

the tv is black in color now when it comes to the 65 and 75 inches

those are actually in a metallic

silver and the back panel on it looks completely different than the 43-inch television

today one thing I’ll note here is that all these TVs use what they call direct lick backlights

and it’s a good or bad thing and I’ll tell you why the good thing is that

usually, it’s a lot brighter, and on some higher

end model TVs usually the uniformity of
the gray and the white is going

to be better the downside of it is that the contrast is usually a little more

washed out because you have all these lights behind it so you’re going to lose

some black levels addition to that the TVs are a lot thicker but you do

get better audio and the last thing about direct backlights is that

you don’t have the option

to do local dimming so for people who really like to watch tv in the

dark it’s going to have a

a little bit more of a gray haze to it versus a true black

take a look at the frameless television appears to be nice and clean
and the bezels don’t stick out too
much except whenever you look at the television from the side

the view you can see that it does have direct-lit backlights even though the

feet on this particular model is

made out of plastic they still look premium just because they have that

glossy coat but I will tell you the

larger TVs have a metal foot to hold the weight of the television on the top of the television there are four

microphones for the direct voice command so you don’t have to use a remote control to give it

commands and on the bottom

of it, there’s a switch that you can toggle over to turn the microphone off for extra privacy

when it comes to connectivity you have every input that you need but keep

in mind, this is a 60hz panel you can find an ethernet

connection for your router four

HDMI with one bin e arc an ATSC 2.0 tuner one USB the input for the

the emitter that I showed

you guys earlier plus it does have a headphone output

and a fiber optic output for going

over to the audio system alright guys so this is the end of this video


this may not be for you just be honest with you guys um I think it’s for someone

who has an Amazon account and wants to keep everything connected

um someone wants something easy

To use them and they are fine with a good picture

the advantages and disadvantages of the fly

the advantages and disadvantages on the fly

Guys, we’re going to move to the last TV on our list for today

5-SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 – 4K UHD

look at the new Samsung au 8000 this is the replacement

for last year’s to-8000 and a good
consideration for a more

budget-oriented home

starting off with the design it’s an edge-lit panel and because of that it’s really

thin comes in sizes ranging from 43 inches

Look how skinny he is

all the way up to 85 so there is a version that will fit almost any scenario

and it’s got a new pedestal design they’re still wide set so on the

65 inch we have here for example they’re just about 42 and three quarters inches

apart but they have this little piece that can be raised and lowered to give

the tv has a low profile look or you can raise

it up to accommodate a sound

bar without blocking any of the pictures and you don’t need any

tools so it makes the whole process really simple for connections you get

Bluetooth 4.2 wi-fi two USBs three homes with

number two has an enhanced

audio return channel ethernet antenna and an optical audio output there’s no analog

input this year though so keep that in mind if you have something

like an older gaming system or a DVD player that you are still looking to

hook up audio is provided by a two-speaker 20-watt system that does a

decent job but Samsung also has some really nice

sounding budget-friendly soundbars

that complement this tv really well and because this also has the q symphony feature

built-in you get a compatible soundbar with that you can take advantage of the

speakers the speakers built into the tv along with the soundbar it’s an all-around better

experience that I highly recommend checking out for the operating

the system you get Tizen which is what Samsung’s been using for a while

now there’s a customizable row that pops up on the bottom of the screen

when you press the home button that makes it really easy to find your

favorite apps

and if you scroll down you’ll see more featured content to keep

you busy the au 8000 is also

compatible with Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby as well as google amazon and

Apple airplay is one of the features I really like on all the Samsung

TVs are their tv plus app it offers a ton of free content

and it comes pre-installed so you don’t have to go through the hassle of going

through menus just to find it just press the tv plus button on the

remote and speaking of the remote this comes with the newly redesigned one

remote but it’s not exactly the same as what you get with Samsung’s

other 2021 models it has the same shape

and the same buttons it doesn’t have the solar

The charging panel on the back it’s not that big of a deal

since the batteries do last a while but it is something to

mention because it is different

as far as the picture goes this is a more entry-level tv so you’re not really getting

that q-led depth of color but it’s good for its price point SDR content

looks nice and the black levels are decent they can have a little

bit of a gray tone to

them sometimes but that’s really just kind

of a byproduct of it being an led tv hdr content has decent

details in the bright and dark

areas but the overall brightness of the tv doesn’t get quite as intense as the

models above it that

means you won’t see quite as many of the kind of the finer details that you’d see on a brighter display motion is handled well fast and normal

the action looks smooth but this is a native 60hz panel so if you have or you plan on

getting one of the newer gaming consoles or a gaming pc you may want to

look at the q70a series or above those have native 120hz panels

and HDMI 2.1 inputs that can take advantage of all the new features that those

systems offer overall this again is a good budget-minded tv for the cost you’re

getting a really nice picture with good motion handling

and an easy to use operating system with access to tons of free content

Is Samsung crystal any good?

Pros: – The picture quality is quite good, but
nothing that will blow you away.
– The thin frame looks nice. Cons: – The TV does
not get very bright and it’s quite
reflective, so it’s not good for daytime
watching. – The smart interface software is so
bad that it crashes and freezes on a daily basis.

These are the advantages and disadvantages in general

How good is Samsung Crystal UHD?

Samsung AU – Crystal UHD

They are more on the simple side of things but still perfectly good for

basic tasks such as streaming. They’re all 4K resolution and support HDR

(high dynamic range) which promises better color, but be aware that budget sets don’t tend to have

good enough brightness to make the most of it

This was the list of reviews for today. I talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each TV separately. It made sure to be one of the well-known and distinguished brands and to be suitable for everyone in terms of prices and quality and to support what most people prefer, such as the quality of games and images. Of all the devices, these are the best TVs of the year. I will update this list every now and then and show what’s new and special.

Thank you very much for reading I hope you like the review. Good day. See you soon for a new review with great products.

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