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sony speakers best 5 speakers in 2023

What’s going on guys it’s Hasan from hosbest.com and in today’s article, we are

going to talk about sony srs xb33 as some of you guys know recently

I reviewed many products from Sony and got a lot of comments asking me to review sony speakers

And that’s precisely what I’m doing here today


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1-Sony SRS-XB33 EXTRA BASS Wireless

at this medium size

the speaker comes in and I have to say I’m a pretty

big fan of what Sony has packed into the speaker for its price

but is it going to be a good option for yourself well let’s take a look

first off there are definitely some huge changes when it comes

to the build of the xb33 versus its predecessor the xb32 the

xb33 definitely got a huge design

boost and I have to say it looks really premium and it looks way

better than the xb32 it is a little larger than the xb32 weighing

in at two and a half pounds but it is still

definitely portable it will easily further

fit in a bag but that being said you probably won’t have much room for much else we still

have this durable fabric on the speaker except now it pretty much wraps

around the entire thing instead of just being on the front

like the xb32 and of course, we now have these awesome passive

bass radiators on the sides of the speaker which look incredible

and as you can see here we still have these led lights which the sony
speakers are kind of known for and they flash all kinds of different colors and you can also get super specific with the colors within

moreover, the sony app allows you to change the colors to your liking

personally I always just use the light mode that’s already on the speaker

when you first open it because sony speakers

that’s just what I enjoy the

most and I haven’t really needed to change it and

also if the lights aren’t your

the thing then no worries because if you press
this button on the back of the speaker then you can completely turn off the lights and turning off the lights
will also save you a ton of battery life and speaking of the buttons we have all the regular controls on the top here

including the power button Bluetooth pause or play button the volume

buttons and the live sound button that changes the audio if you press

it and you can also switch to the stamina

mode if you hold the live button-down that saves a lot of battery life

but stamina mode takes away from the majority of the base so I definitely

don’t recommend it behind the water-resistant

flap on the back here we have even more buttons including the light button

that I just showed you guys but that light button

that I just showed you guys but that light button also allows you

to see how much battery life you have left on the

speaker if you press it and then we have the party mode button

and the stereo pair mode button now the party mode button allows

you to connect to other

The speakers but only the new speakers

like the 43 the 33 and the 23. the older sony speakers

aren’t able to use this ability and the stereo pair button

allows you to connect to another sony speaker and then play

through the left and right audio channels which is a pretty cool feature to have but to be honest I’ve never really used it now we do have all of our charging

ports on the back here including a regular USB port so you can charge

your devices straight from the speaker and a USB-C charging port

which is great to have as well now unfortunately we don’t have an audio

jack which I’m not too worried about

because I never use it but I know some of you out there may want that when it comes to the battery

life sony claims up to 24 hours of playtime but unfortunately, that’s not

the case here first off we can only get that 24 hours at half volume and

stamina mode with the lights off in stamina mode it definitely doesn’t sound

near as good as the regular bass boost mode which is the setting

that is already on the speaker when you first turn it on when stamina

mode is turned off sony claims at around 14 hours but

realistically you’re probably

going to have the stamina mode on and the

lights with about 80 volumes further

being played most of the time and if that is the case then you’re probably

gonna see around seven-ish hours of playtime this is definitely

decent for a speaker this size especially with the lights but it definitely isn’t great either side note though this speaker is xb67 water

resistant which means it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for half

an hour and it is also rust dust and salt water-resistant so you

don’t have sony speakers to worry about it at all if you want to bring

it to the beach or pool and we also have BlueTooth 5.0 which

It is the newest BlueTooth technology available in the market now along with the new design the xb33 has a brand new speaker

In the layout, we now have two transducers in the middle of the speaker as

you can see with these white led lights and of course as I mentioned

earlier we have the bass radiators

on the sides and the previous xb32 the base was actually in the middle of the speaker and it shot out of the front and the back so if you place
the xb32 by a wall then the base would be amplified because

of the bass being shot out of the front and the back but unfortunately

with this speaker since the bass is shooting out of the sides when

you place it by a wall the bass

It’s not amplified but honestly, that’s not a huge deal because the

bass is still deeper overall and has a bit more volume than

the xb32 now I’m going to talk more about so i have to say I

really do like the audio from the speaker it is

super crisp and the vocals

and the highs are really clear for the size of the speaker it sounds

more open and vibrant

Whereas xb32 was kind of muffled and close together on the bass but here on the xb33 I’m not disappointed at all because of the size and the price of the speaker

Of course, we won’t get that super deep bass that we get in high-end

speakers that cost a lot of money

definitely has some heat as a bass fan myself I am always

wanting more thump

so I am a pretty tough judge that being said though we do have an eq

setting in the app that allows you to sony speakers slightly change the audio

and of course, for myself, I always put that bass way up because I like
the bass is so high all the time the eq setting is definitely a plus for me and another side

Also, note here that we have absolutely no latency issues when writing

the article, which is great of course before we move on to the

next, the Sony SRS XB33 is definitely a stylish speaker with all the bells

and whistles except for the audio jack with the new speaker

layout Clear Sound XB67 water

Resisting the great LEDs and USB charging, I think this speaker is a great

option for the price but with decent battery life and a slightly larger

design, this speaker probably isn’t the best option if portability is your main

priority if you like it. To check out the speaker, I’ll

show you the pros and cons before moving on to the next

Advantages and disadvantages

2-Sony SRS-XP500 X-Series Wireless Portable

Well now we are going to get a detailed review of the sony srs XP 500

wireless speakers, so we will talk about the sound design features

performance and all of its pros and cons so here we go talking about

the build quality most of the body of xb500 is made of plastic

on the front side, we got a metal

mesh screen and some rubber padding at the bottom at the top and bottom both we got this strong and steady

handles to carry the xb500 and this is where the led lights are placed

as well on the top, you got some buttons to perform

various tasks like switching

off the device for connectivity purposes play

pause the music turn-on of the megabase etc on the back sony speakers

you will also find three buttons to quickly turn on the party connect

feature the battery care option and switch on or off the RGB lighting on the

backside it’s got a compartment closed with the rubber flap if you open it

inside you will find two quarter-inch microphone

inputs that you can use for karaoke etc you can even connect the guitar with

xp500 and there are dedicated volume knobs provided for both

microphones it also comes

with two USB ports that you can use to play music via pen drive
or to charge your smartphones gadgets etc and it would be nice if there was a USB type-c port was provided as well

there is also a 3.5 mm port provided if you would like to play music on

XP 500 buy a wired connection

instead of by BlueTooth and once again it would be nice if there was an RCA input as well on xb500 for DJ turntables connection

xp500 comes with ipx4 waterproofing so you can bring your xb500

near to the pool or at the ph without worrying about any damage to the speaker

because the water xp500 weighs more than 11 kilograms but still, you can easily

carry it and move from one spot to another in your house the led lights

provided are good enough to provide a nice visual experience in low light

condition and it would be nice if there were more led lights
provided and also the brightness was a bit more of the xp500 LEDs overall the design of xb500 is quite eye-catching and the build

quality is pretty solid talking about the audio quality sony srs xp500 is

very nice in every aspect the audio output is very well balanced

and even without the megabase the amount of waste produced

It’s very nice in the audio output and the same goes for the highs and

mids too. Isn’t great from sony speakers will enjoy all kinds

of music on the xb500 and if you are a party

lover and like an extra amount of bass in your music then

there is a mega bass button provided to quickly increase the
amount of bass in the audio output the loudness of the xb500 is quite nice and it is pretty good to enjoy the music in a large hall at your house

or in the backyard or near the pool but one thing you have to keep in

your mind is that the loudness decreases 25 to 30 percent if you

play music on xb500 using the battery so I will always suggest using the

provided power cord to power up the XP 500 and then play the music

and the placement of the woofer and the tweeters in the speaker system

is in a way that does not matter if you use the XP 500 standing

up or horizontally flat on the surface you will get equally distributed

sound talking about the customization and smartphone apps xp500 comes
with two different smartphone apps, one of them is the sony music center and another one is first able on sony music center

you can import the list of audio tracks on your smartphone to play

them directly from the sony music center application you can play the

music connected to the USB port of the xb500 and then you got the

option to turn on the megabase select the live sound equalizer or

create a custom one based on your preference

it also provides lots of options when it comes to power to

improve the battery life you can also change the lighting
mode using the sony music center application and you get the option to prioritize

the day codec to get the sony speakers’ best

quality audio on xb500 using the sony music center application

you can use the party connect feature to connect multiple

compatible speakers to one another and the same audio will come

out from each of them to create a nice party effect you can also

launch the first able app right from the sony center using

which you can do various customization and fun

experience with the xb500 it allows you to create various DJ effects on the music being

played on xp500 under the illumination you can use the predefined

lighting template or you can create your own under the karaoke section

you get lots of audio effects that you can create while using

the karaoke mode but one of my favorite options is the motion

control that allows you to change the lighting effect to increase

decrease the volume and switch between the tracks just by performing

motion-based gestures on your smartphone the party playlist feature

allows your friends to include their favorite tracks in

the playlist to be played on sony

sex xp500 and you can even perform various tasks and actions using the voice control wi-fi stable app on xb500

overall sony srs xp500 is a very nice wireless

The speaker in terms of loudness is caused by the additional features

of the design and build quality, so if you are planning to buy a wireless

speaker for your home and home parties, the XP500 is definitely one

of the best options for you, and that’s all about it.

3-Sony SRS-RA3000 360 Reality Audio Wi-Fi

are you a music lover does relaxing to a chill tune or jamming

out on the weekend sound right up your alley if you answered

yes to any of these questions to tell you all about this sony premium

wireless speaker with sony speakers ambient room-filling

sound whether you’re spending your day cooking in the kitchen

cuddled up with your favorite book or just catching up with friends

this speaker is just what you need sound is diffused both
horizontally and vertically to create the perfect ambient sound and just the right atmosphere for any situation it has omnidirectional

sound and its dual passive radiators deliver a deep bass that

will really get you feeling the music not only does the sound coming

from this speaker go wall to wall but it also can reach from floor

to ceiling with its beam tweeter that produces

sound waves that overlap each other to form an upwards facing

wavefront and one of its coolest features and a personal favorite

of mine is its 360 reality audio which will give you a level of

immersion like you’ve never experienced
before with 360 reality audio, the sound comes from all around you so you can actually feel like you’re on stage with your favorite band or in the studio

recording a new track with your favorite artist because 360 reality

audio tracks incorporate three-dimensional sound location

data they’re able to deliver the ultimate and ambient room-filling sound

however, since it is a premium feature it does require a subscription

to compatible online music services so third-party fees may apply if

you want to be able to use this feature if you don’t want to opt

into a third-party compatible

service no problem immersive audio enhancement a unique sony algorithm effectively delivers your favorite stereo tracks as ambient room-filling sound just hold the immersive

audio enhancement key on the body of the speaker and it will

start calibration so you’ll have easy listening wherever you are

this speaker is wi-fi enabled so you’re able

to control all sony speakers

and your playlists right from your phone

it also works with Alexa and google assistant

which allows you to stream music from all your favorite streaming services and even control it with your voice you can easily add the speaker

to a speaker group within the Amazon Alexa app or the google home app

to listen to your music in different rooms as well you’re able to play

different songs in different rooms or the same music throughout

your house and Chromecast are built-in stream music online radio

and even podcasts right from your smartphone

tablet or laptop all you have to do is tap the cast button if you

think that’s a crazy amount of compatibility there’s still more it has Spotify
connect so you can play Spotify directly through your speaker using the app on your phone it’s compatible
with sony music center so you can control all your music through the sony music center app and its BlueTooth

compatible so you can do things like wirelessly connect to your tv

for a more thrilling viewing experience, I do want to note that it

currently only works with Bravia TVs however but if you do have a

compatible tv what you hear will sync perfectly with what you

see on screen because of the lower latency

one final feature that I absolutely love is how this sony speaker

adjusts volume automatically whatever the reason you

could be listening to your favorite song at the perfect volume

and then the next one comes on and bam way too loud and

the one after that is fairly audible the speaker

solves that problem by analyzing every track and automatically playing your music at a consistent volume so you’ll
never have to lift a finger to adjust the volume again it stands sony speakers at 9.75 inches
tall 5.75 inches wide
and about 6 inches in depth it’s humidity resistant so you can use it in a potentially

humid environment such as the bathroom and it comes in light gray or black

this sony premium wireless speaker is unlike any speaker you’ve ever used before

Pros and cons quickly

positives and negatives

4-Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series Wireless Portable

the speaker is just flat-out massive it’s as wide as 18.1

inches it has a height

of 10.1 and it has a depth of 8.5 it weighs a total of 12.4 pounds so

it definitely has some weight to it which I guess means you can

ditch those dumbbells and just start curling

This huge guy when we take a look at the outside you can see

the mesh fabric is going all over it and it gives a blackish gray

look which I dig but it’s not the best kind of material to use for a

speaker but they still make it cool you can get your nice

longhand on top it’s Great for pregnancy
even though it’s on the heavier side and speaking of carrying this around there’s no need to worry about you know bringing this to the beach or pool

because it is ip66 water-resistant and dustproof now coming

over to both sides are your 4.33-inch passive radiators and

they have an awesome light shell with multiple colors that go

to the beat of the sound, you can turn them on and off with

the button in the back and we’re going to get into all of

that is next but you can also customize

These lights and we do more in the applications we will get to

later until we come to the back input sony speakers have

a lot of cool things you’ve got your power
input to charge the speaker two USB a type inputs to charge your devices and for all my iPhone people we know our phones

can die very quickly so if you’re on the go and your phone is on low

your speaker can come in handy you never know it rhymed and I

might be a poet and not even realize it but I say we forget about

that and keep going next to that is your audio input then

all the way to the right is your mic and guitar input for maybe

some karaoke or to shred some bass on that new guitar

you also get a dial to you know mess around

with the amp and next to it is
your guitar button to switch into this mode lastly you got three more valuable buttons as I talked about before you got that light

to turn the led lights on and off the battery care button which

avoids overcharging and keeps the battery in good shape

and then lastly you got your party to connect which technically

allows you to connect up to a hundred compatible speakers

which would be an unreal experience probably

too loud to handle but again it’d be a crazy time okay now let’s

jump into the sound and base you have a 4.33 inch passive

the radiator on each side like I mentioned a minute ago two one-inch diameter tweeters and sony even added in x balance speakers

so with all of these thrown in and working together, you

get an amazingly powerful sound with some incredible bass and

the vocal clarity is pretty sweet where the highs and

lows are controlled and very

It’s comforting to hear that in general, I liked the sony speakers

and they must j; k is very expensive

this speaker is you also have some options on controlling the sound

and bass so to boost the bass hit the megabase

button on the front of the speaker and you will hear a significant difference and right under it is the stamina button which

softens and lowers the sound output then turns off the led

lights to save the battery this is all in line with your

power button your Bluetooth version which is 5.0 and

it has a maximum range of roughly 98 feet away from

your device when you got your pause play in volume

going into the two apps they give you got a music center

and first able where you can mess around
with some settings in the music center, you can fix audio settings by changing the bass djing which I don’t really recommend because

it usually doesn’t sound great you can turn certain controls

on and off you can mess around with colors and speed the led

lights up and downplay your library of music either on your

phone or insert a USB drive into the speaker and shuffle the music

through the app in the first table, it’s more of the party app where you

can dive into the DJ world having more control you can do some

karaoke makes some party

playlists and a bunch more personally I stay away from the apps and just simply connect my phone through BlueTooth and play

the music because anytime I try to fix the audio settings

it sounds worse than the default settings but if you got

some skill and you think you can make it sound

better than definitely give it a try from the mic

I think this is a great device from sony speakers

Before we move on to the last of our list, let

I will show you the pros and cons

positives and negatives

5-Sony SRS-XB13 Extra BASS Wireless Bluetooth

this is sony’s srs xb10 it’s a small portable wireless speaker

that is the size of a soda can but smaller here I have the black

colorway but it is also available in blue-green white orange and

yellows the speaker packs a punch when it comes to battery

life sony says it has a 16-hour battery life and during my

use, I got around 15 hours playing music at 50 volume
and then when I play music at 70 volume I got around 13 hours so overall I’m satisfied with the battery I can easily

make it last a week and the next feature I would like to talk

about is the ipx5 certification this is water-resistant it’s not

waterproof so you can take it out while it’s raining but you

can’t drop it in the pool the speaker has NFC capability

and it can also connect to two wireless speakers for the stereo

sound I like the build quality of the speaker it doesn’t feel expensive or

does it feel cheap it feels just right the body of the speaker is mainly
covered with rubber the top part has a metal grille covering the speaker then the middle part is covered with a soft

rubber while the bottom one has a more grippy rubber the speaker

feels solid and durable it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna break

if I drop it I’ve actually dropped the speaker even though this

isn’t shockproof the speaker survived I dropped it about three times

and it was from like my head height it was by mistake

I was just tossing it around sony speakers and it fell but

nothing really major happened the speaker didn’t

crack there were only like two or three
deep cuts on the bottom of the speaker but still the cuts aren’t that noticeable the speaker still looks pretty

good all of the media control buttons are located near the bottom

there are no dedicated forward or backtrack buttons but there’s a

multifunctional pause and play button which can be used to

skip tracks or answer or decline calls then next to it there’s

an add button to connect another speaker underneath it there’s a

mic then there’s the volume up and down button then at the very

end there’s the power button all of the buttons are quite
responsive it’s easy to press and it’s tactile it has a click every time I press it now the last thing to talk

about is, of course, the sound quality this has a single 5-watt

46-millimeter driver with a single passive radiator that can

produce a good amount of bass for its size of course unlike

other smaller speakers this one does a pretty good job with

deep bass sony has a feature called extra bass and it actually

works on this the bass is punchy and clear it doesn’t really

distort unless you’re playing like you know bass booster song and playing

it at 100 then it will just a little but other than that it can handle music

Let me show you the pros and cons
positives and negatives

Here we are getting to the end of the article. Thank you for getting here. Have a nice day

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