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sony camera Best camera in 2023

Hey guys here again in today’s article we are going to

review our best Sony camera something really

special today I am going to bring out my dream camera

since the sony camera a7iii came out and I fell in love with it

and really wanted to get my hands on it and this day is finally over

1-Sony a7 III ILCE7M3/B Full-Frame Mirrorless

I really got to the point that the reason I’m buying this

is to be able to make better content and also pursue

my passion for videography even further, I’m very

happy, so without any further ado let’s move on

The 24.2MP Sony a73 is the most awaited mirrorless camera, Sony calls it the base model in its a7 full frameset
because it falls below the high-resolution a7 r3 and a7s2

centered video but this camera is far from basic on

paper. Good at everything from 4K video autofocus,

high-speed photography, and of course,

the most important thing is image quality

I had the camera for a few days now so how

does the real-world performance measure up

to the specs ridiculously well from the first moment

I’ve grabbed it I found that I could use it instinctively

and take really great images with it the a7iii has

gained a bit of weight over its predecessor but

for a full-frame camera, it’s still pretty

light at 650 grams in comparison the similarly priced Nikon d750 weighs more at 750 grams those extra grams

have been put to good use the a7iii has a bigger

more comfortable grip, for one thing, it’s also got a much

bigger battery like the one on sony’s flagship a9

that lets you shoot 700 shots on a charge the

most for any mirrorless camera unfortunately

sony borrowed the electronic viewfinder sony camera

from the last model just increasing the magnification

slightly it’s not as sharp as the one on Panasonic’s

gh5s or the FujiFilm xh1 now has a touchscreen
slightly it’s not as sharp as the one on Panasonic’s gh5s or the FujiFilm xh1 it now has a touchscreen

which is nice except that it can only be used to

select focus and not do menu operations it’s also

not as bright or sharp as the one on the a7r3 or even

on its predecessor, the a7 ii the a7 iii has a great complement

of ports with USB type-c HDMI and thankfully both headphone

and microphone ports it comes with wifi Bluetooth and
NFC but the required smartphone app plays memories

occasionally fails to connect and is a bit laggy one thing

you won’t get by reading the specs is how sony has improved

handling and ergonomics on the a7 iii for instance it’s moved

the record button next to the viewfinder is a much more

easy to access spot and just the way that everything feels

at hand, it’s easy to access the controls for exposure compensation

shutter speed uh aperture, and iso so that you can think about

photography and not where to find the controls

and sony has also greatly improved the battery

life by putting the batteries from the a9 in the a7 3. it’s much bigger I was finding

I could go out and shoot for several hours I still had 60 to 70

of the battery left so that’s another big improvement over

the last model the a7 ii sony’s a7 iii may be a dream on

paper but the proof is in the shooting burst

speeds are top-notch for a so-called basic camera letting you

fire 10 frames per second for up to 9 sony camera seconds

fast shooting is useless if the autofocus isn’t equally

fast and accurate however luckily the a73 has an AF system

that’s up to the task and the many modes make it possible
to get sharp shots in just about any scenario sony’s algorithm-powered eye detection is particularly

good ensuring that your subject’s faces are always in focus

when it comes to video the a7 iii might be sony’s best full-frame

camera to date for 20 frames per second shooting it

uses the entire 6k sensor and super samples down to 4k

video autofocus is good but not great the center lock-on af

lets you isolate a specific subject but it doesn’t work

as well as the tap-to-track dual pixel AF system found on canon

models like the 5d mark iv the a7iii deliver on image and video
quality it has sony’s new 24.2 points two backside-illuminated

sensor with dual gain architecture that yields

spectacular low light performance with usable

images and video up to iso 25600 and even beyond it’s

particularly good at preserving detail in shadow areas on top

of that sony claims 15 stops of dynamic range for the

a7 3 near the top of its class images are sharp and colors

accurate especially skin tones that have been a problem

for sony in the past for jpeg images the a7 3 yields

more natural skin tones and colors than the last model

sharpening and noise reduction are handled better

then on any other camera, video is pin-sharp with

accurate colors and shallow depth of field that’s ideal for creating a cinematic look you can also
shoot 1080p at up to 120 frames per sony camera second

using the full sensor and slowing it down in camera

to 30p or 24p, the a7 has several logs

profiles to maximize The dynamic range, however,

does not produce 10-bit video

like the Panasonic GH5, so you have fewer options in

post- production than the Sony A7 III It’s not ideal

because the EVF and the rear screen don’t live up to

the competition’s video quality compared to the GH5s It’s

not as durable as the GH5s a7r ii or a9, and as with all

mirrorless series cameras, the expensive Nikon d750 lens

is about three years old with a full-frame sensor

but can only shoot at 6.5 frames

per second and lacks 4k video canon’s eos 60 mark ii is newer but also slower and limited to 1080p video if you want 4k Panasonic
The 2000 gh5 has excellent 10-bit video and higher 4k resolution, but

you have to settle for a much smaller sensor than four thirds, Fujifilm’s

1900 xh1 has much-improved video, but then again, the main competition

from Sony may be the same as the last generation a7r The ii sells for

the same price as the a7 iii and also offers 4k video image stabilization and

If you want better full-frame 4K video quality, the a7s2 is also a good

choice but honestly the a73 now offers the best all-round feature

set you can get, Sony might call it the base model of a range a7,

but it’s probably the best camera on the market at any price

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