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razer keyboard best 5 keyboard in 2023

Today we are going to talk about the razer keyboard

1-Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard: Fast Keyboard

to be talking about the razer huntsman mini keyboard this

is pretty cool and pretty exciting because razer is the first

a mainstream company that manufactures gaming products

to actually jump into the 60 keyboard world

I’ve been using my ducky one-two mini for quite some

time now so like switching it up and trying out a different

keyboard it’s gonna be pretty fun for me so I picked up the version

with the purple um tactile optical switches in it um so we’re gonna
give this thing a shot and see how it performs and how it compares to the ducky one-two mini

Because I’ve loved my Mini for so long that I feel like it’s going to be

very hard to change my mind saying this is the best keyboard I’ve ever

used, so without further ado let’s check this thing out Well first here

let’s talk guys about the fact that this is a 60-theme keyboard

um and what 60 means is basically you’re compacting the keyboard

into just the essentials which are becoming pretty popular

nowadays, especially with a lot of fps gaming going on battle

royale’s you know call of duty warzone taking over um most

gamers want a ton of space on their desktop for

their mouse uh playing at a super low sense

with your mouse is extremely important and being accurate a lot of people play on low sense so having

that extra desk room is a must so 60

razer keyboard

have become very popular and razer is the first mainstream company

to actually dive into this market um and listen to the community and

come out with a 60 board so when you take the board here you

have a plastic bottom there is a metal plate underneath the

keys with the PBT keycaps up on top are nice and sturdy thick

they feel pretty good um two levels of pop-out feet on the bottom

um for you know elevating the keyboard if you don’t like to have

it’s flat on your desk you can use these to elevate it a little bit

to make it stand up there’s no flex really here on the keyboard
either it’s a pretty sturdy build I will note though that it is very lightweight compared to other keyboards out there comparing

his to the weight of my ducky one-two mini it is significantly lighter so if

you’re using this board maybe for a travel board or like taking it with

you place this might be your go-to because it is pretty light

and comes with a nice braided detachable USB-c cable you can

use your own cable if you prefer I know a lot of people out

there like to use coiled USB-c cables they  like the look of it so just

note here that you can replace this cable and use any USB-c cable

that you want key caps up top are side printed so it’s important

to note here that with a 60 board if you’re not familiar with them you lose

a lot of keys  obviously as you can see here um you don’t technically

lose them but you lose them so you have your f keys all the top all

your function keys are there so it really

razer keyboard

all you’re doing is using that function key at the bottom

of the keyboard and that allows you to use all the extra

keys like your media keys your function keys your arrow

keys print screen key all that stuff so let’s talk about the switches

here because this is probably one of the most important

things to talk about when it comes to mechanical

keyboards a lot of people are very picky when

it comes to their switches now for my whole life up until about

two years ago I used blue switches I love blue switches

because they’re very clicky very tactile you know when you

press that key they are a little tough um so if you’re fps

gaming and you’re trying to be super fast I

wouldn’t really recommend the blue switches

however, it is all personal preference so if you are fine with them and you like them that’s

really all that matters so here on this board I

picked up the version with the purple switches

 these are the more tactile um clicky version of the switches

this keyboard does come with two versions of switches so you

have the black version of this keyboard that comes with the purple

clicky optical switches or the linear optical switches and you

have a white version of this keyboard that comes with the clicky

purple switches or the linear switches as well here’s a weird thing

though there is a price difference when going between these two different

these are the more tactile um clicky version of the switches this keyboard does come with two versions of switches so you have the black

version of this keyboard comes with the purple clicky optical switches

or the linear optical switches and you have a white version of

razer keyboard

 this keyboard comes with the clicky purple switches

or the linear switches as well here’s a weird thing

though there is a price difference when going between

these two different switch variations if you

want to pick up the more clicky tactile

not really sure why they made a price difference there that’s a little

weird but I’m sure there’s a reason for it anyway I prefer the more

tactile clicky feel I like feeling when I press the key it just feels really good

so this keyboard does have some onboard memory so you can

store some lighting presets and saves profiles directly onto

the board so if you’re unplugging this board throwing in your backpack


2-Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Fast Keyboard

Here we have an elite razer huntsman who introduces innovative

hybrid optical-mechanical razer switches Elite adds a great new

multifunctional digital dial but does its price justify Is it worth

your hard-earned money So stay tuned and let’s get into the razer

Stylish-looking products that are great at avoiding more incandescent

design choices at first glance he may not even think the huntsman

elite is a gaming keyboard, especially with the razer logo subtly

placed only on the wrist rest but once you plug it in

with the RGB lights, it’s unapologetically a gamer
design choices at first glance he may not even think the huntsman elite is a gaming keyboard

especially with the razer logo subtly placed only on the wrist

rest but once you plug it in with the RGB lights it’s unapologetically

a gamer keyboard for starters the huntsman elite raises the bar

with some additional visual and functional flair, it features a

clean aluminum matte black aesthetic with a rectangular

profile and it has a more modern rounded corner with

the RGB underglow accents the sides razer keyboard

and the wrist rest fits in nicely without looking

too over the top the wrist rest also offers a comfortable amount

of bulk and leather as padding, it attaches to the keyboard using

magnets which means any potential breakage we’ve seen in other

keyboards with flimsy plastic hinges or clips are a thing of the past

the cool thing is once the wrist rest is connected the chroma

lighting on your keyboard syncs with it and stays cohesive

giving you an impressive RGB setup the keycaps
appear to float over the deck which always looks amazing with the underflow it’s similar to the Logitech g13 and hyperx

alloy elite RGB but the similarities really stopped there the huntsman

elite’s innovative new features really outshine them both now one

of its great hardware-software combo features is the multi-functional

a digital dial on the top right side and that’s in addition to the regular

dedicated media buttons may look just like a volume dial but

you can customize them to control your mic volume zoom in

and out and even swap weapons and games it’s completely

versatile it basically gives you quick access to functions and personalized settings with both onboard

memory and cloud storage and there are fully programmable

keys with on-the-fly macro recording are the other big distinction of the

huntsman elite are the keys rather than using the traditional

mechanical switches razer’s Opto mechanical switch amalgamates

both optical and mechanical giving the keyboard lightning-fast

speed and greater accuracy and actuation by well actually activating

registering and resetting all at the same time it’s faster at

that point and also more responsive than traditional
mechanical keys in fact razer claims their optomechanical switches offer a 30 percent faster actuation

speed than standard mechanical switches it reduces internal physical

razer keyboard

contact so general wear and tear are decreased this

boosts the lifespan of the keyboard with the durability

of up to 100 million keystrokes that’s twice the amount

of the industry-leading standard all the customizations

are carried out through razer’s synapse 3 software and

as feature-rich intuitive and functional as this all is it can make

things a bit bloated cycling through the tabs can be laggy and

tedious but despite any shortcomings, it’s still very easy to use

the huntsman elite seem to offer just about everything you could

ask for in a gaming keyboard but we were a little disappointed with its lack of a USB passthrough

after all, pass-through is pretty standard on high-end keyboards

these days you also get a clickable metal roller and media keys

allowing you to adjust volume and settings on the fly also if you’re

on a mac, the steel series engine software is mac compatible

making it a better choice if you find the price tag a little steep you

can opt-out of the regular razer huntsman for considerably less money

it offers pretty much the same performance as the Opto mechanical
switch but in that case, you’ll forgo the multi-function digital dial and media keys as well as a very cool chroma

A lower wrist squeeze and a few other options What the Huntsman

Elite Verdict is a great piece of hardware is a stark representation

of why the razer has remained at the forefront of gaming

peripherals, especially with its multifunctional digital dial

and innovative optical switch that makes it worth its price, but

if you’re on A Mac that wants a USB pass-through or you’ve already

dedicated steel-series mice and headphones, the Apex pro

might be the way to go if you’re looking to stay grounded even

razer keyboard if it’s just

for its coherent RGB lighting performance as well as being a bit cheaper

3-Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

We are now going to take a look at the very popular steel

apex7 and after testing it I can say that it is popular for the reason

that it is a solid keyboard that offers good gaming performance with

useful companion software and you can choose the type of keys that

suits your personal preference So what is it like to use this gaming

keyboard and are you going to enjoy it or are you You use it better

off using something else the SteelSeries apex7 is a full-size gaming

the keyboard comes with a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that

should hold up over time and I thought the brushed metal look was a nice

change from the standard plastic case that gives you an office-friendly look you get a low profile

base with a subtle border to keep the design compact along with the elevated

abs plastic keycaps which do feel a little bit cheap and they’re prone to

collecting fingerprints it comes with built-in media keys that let you

change the brightness settings control playback and skip songs

along with a convenient clickable roller to adjust the volume

but it lacks programmable macro keys I found it comfortable even during longer
sessions and it features two integrated legs to adjust the angle although they are limited

with only two settings you also get a detachable magnetic wrist rest with

an ultra-soft finish for added comfort and stability this keyboard

connects to your computer via a USB cable and I appreciated the

inclusion of the USB pass-through but it will occupy two USB slots you

also, get a built-in cable management tray on the back

that prevents your cables from tangling and it keeps your desk organized

I think one of the key features is the small monochromatic OLED smart

display which is found in the top right corner I could

navigate the menus and control the RGB lighting

customize the background and program on-the-fly macros with it without minimizing my game

which is especially useful for MMO players I found that its

placement somewhat limits functionality and the software

offers the same customizable options in a much easier-to-use

interface but the instant notifications from the apps are a

very convenient touch and I also like that you get per-key

RGB illumination to customize your aesthetic I think the SteelSeries

engine 3 companion software is one of the better peripheral

programs out there and it provides a lot of intuitive customization
options I could adjust the backlighting to my preference

create different lighting profiles to match on-screen content

or choose from built-in color profiles to find a vibrant scheme without

fiddling with the settings you can also customize the colors with other

SteelSeries devices for uniform effects engine lets you easily

reprogram keys and assign macros and perform functions mid-game

although the apex7 does lack the per-key customizable actuation

found on the SteelSeries apex pro you can also create individual

profiles that are automatically applied to certain games or

programs and the keyboard can save up to five distinct profiles
with the onboard memory if you want to switch computers you get to choose between three types of switches

for versatility all of which are made in-house by steel series although the corsair

k70 RGB offers a greater variety each key has a low two-millimeter actuation

point so the keystrokes are responsive and you can input your

game commands rapidly they also come with

impressive 50 million click lifespan so they will withstand years of heavy

usage I also found the typing experience to be relatively enjoyable and light but

the keys have a slow rebound and they can feel spongy at times because of the

lack of subtle tactile feedback they also lack resistance which can be helpful for

typing accuracy I was impressed with the precise in-game performance of the

apex 7. the 1000 hertz polling rate and 1-millisecond response rate deliver ultra-low

latency response and they should be suitable for competitive

players the keys feel stable and the comfortably spaced
the layout wasn’t fatiguing to use while gaming I was disappointed to see that it lacks a game mode unlike many of its competitors it provides

it provides a 104-key n-key rollover and 100 anti-ghosting which was

responsive and effectively registered rapid inputs so are the SteelSeries

apex7 is worth the money I was impressed with the functionality

and the range of features I think there are other options worth considering

if you’re not in the SteelSeries ecosystem the corsair k70 RGB mark ii costs

around the same and you get a selection of five types of switches

with per-key macro programmability and a smoother

overall gaming experience although the wrist rest is subpar if you’re a steel series enthusiast you may want to consider the higher

priced SteelSeries apex pro which delivers many of the same features

along with comprehensive customizable options satisfying omnipotent mechanical

switches and better durability the apex7 is a good option I just think the corsair

offers a little bit more for the price and the SteelSeries pro’s upgraded performance

is definitely worth the extra money but that’s just my opinion

4-Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

the razer black widow v3 is one of the brand’s most affordable keyboards

price digest 539 ringgit and if you’re in the market for a decent mechanical

the keyboard then this should definitely be on your radar so here are five reasons

why you should consider getting the razer Blackwidow v3 number one is its

design it’s incredibly lightweight for a full-size mechanical keyboard and

it weighs just 840 grams which is important for those who plan on

bringing this around maybe for tournaments or even just land

sessions with the boys on top of that the chassis is made of aluminum so there’s little to no flex

which is great for those who type with heavy hands on the keyboard

comes in razor’s signature all-black look without any of that

extra unnecessary gamer aesthetic or edginess which is a great

bar, of course, the full RGB uh lighting that you also get with the

keyboard for that added premium touch the cable is also braided

very nicely and you get plenty of routing options on the back of

your keyboard as well number two the razer green switches which

is clicky like the cherry MX blue that and the 1.9 millimeters of actuation

a point may be preferred by some, especially for those who like double-tapping in-game
razer switches are now double-walled which means they are more stable and withstand does

better and according to razer each switch is capable of withstanding

up to 80 million keystrokes one drawback that I find with these

switches are the pronounced pinging sound but one thing to note

however, is that my gaming setup is smaller and more closed off so

the pinging sound is more audible than usual if the razer keyboard

clicky and loud just isn’t for you you can also opt to

get the Blackwidow v3 with razer’s yellow switches

which are linear number three the software now with most Razer products

you’ll be prompted to install razer synapse 3 which for me works just fine

and besides letting you design the kind of RGB you want to show

up on your keyboard, it also lets you customize what each key does

thanks to its macro programming there’s also razor hyper shift that lets you program secondary

functions on certain keys allowing you more controls on the fly during a

game session on top of that you can save up to five profiles on this keyboard

which is very convenient speaking of convenience this leads us to number four the

all-new volume roller and the new media playback button on the top right of

your black widow v3 I’m not going to like the volume roller and the button here

seemed a bit gimmicky at first but I found myself using this on a day-to-day

basis consistently because it’s just that convenient

for media playback and controlling your volume
lastly, we move to number five it’s priced for 539 ringgit the black widow v3 is a nice mid-range option

if you’re looking for something that offers flexibility in the software

a department that lets you program certain hotkeys and macros but with that

said you will be able to find something that’s cheaper but still offers the same

kind of build quality and performance but they don’t pack the same kind of

software love it or hate it resistant f3 actually works fine for me, especially with

this keyboard and offered me all sorts of customization options on top

of that, there’s also the new volume roller and the media

razer keyboard playback button which I mentioned

earlier and I think it’s a really nice addition
although simple and may seem gimmicky at first is actually very very useful with all that said

Razer black widow v3 is great for gamers and writers whose budget is a bit

limited and in some cases, it can be very useful for streaming players as well

5-Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

okay so first off right off the bat it’s very you know simple it’s stealthy

the matte black finish is very similar to what we saw last year with the Eraser or not

I know you have that Mecca membrane keyboard this is kind of like an updated

a version of that and I’m pretty sure it’s a little bit cheaper and since you have the two

different models the sign no sub-Pro is 80 while the regular side Nosa is 60. both got

chroma though so let’s plug it in all right we got this cytosol chroma Pro plugged

as you can see the lighting effects start right up but the main difference here pretty

much and it’s really the only difference between the cyanosis pro the regular cyanosis

is the backlighting mainly known with the underflow so as you can see here there’s a

very subtle light strip around the entire edge of the keyboard

that goes around the front and the sides this is going

to give it you know some extra nice glowing effects when it’s on your desktop at night

time or if the lights are off that’s really the only difference between the pro

and the regular cytosacchroma and all right so as you saw for the unboxing

the only thing that we have here is where it is here we go to the product guide there’s

unfortunately, no wrist rest so that’s it for the unboxing and for the first look the

the main thing we’re going to focus on here is that under low for this chroma

pro model for the side gnosis odd that they have these two versions with the

The only real difference between the two is that underflow now I said

in the beginning but I am working on a full-out review so I definitely

about it, the pros and cons all that good stuff be taking a look in more depth at the lighting

effects and keep this in mind I know I’m gonna see a hundred comments asking

me about it this is technically their own Mecca membrane switch so it’s not a mechanical

The keyboard is a pretty in-between hybrid of a mechanical and their rubber Dome

switches so just keep that in mind like I said I’m gonna

see so many comments just putting

it’s out there now Mecha membrane but that’ll pretty much wrap it up

good day

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