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Hello guys, today we have a very special list we will

review the top 5 nugget ice maker I hope

you like the list as much as I do

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1-Gevi Counter Top Nugget Ice Maker with Thick

all right I got my new ice machine and it’s been doing

really good but I was just going to take some pictures and

then I thought I just like the this is like one of the best

ones I’ve ever had and it’s all about the ice for me uh, of course, ice

machine um but right now it shows it’s full which it is that’s very

full um but look at the ice the cubes themselves are just

really nice and I’ll put uh they’re solid

to they’re solid and um well they’re real good

but it holds a lot I mean it is a lot this is a massive chunk of ice and the water goes

down there next, I’m about to put more

water in it I put fuji water in it because I like to

have ice water but I don’t want the water and

the ice cubes to be the same water so I put fuji

water in this and ice cubes are tasted absolutely amazing

this ice holds up because of its solid eyes that’s what I really

like about it I’ll throw a couple of pictures of a bottle of

pop I made a can of the pot, not bob paul a glass

with pop in it, and lets you see exactly how that ice

just sits in it and it keeps the drink cold for a nugget ice maker


is slow with this type of ice I’ve had some other ice machines

like they have holes in the ice those melt really quick um

these are my favorites this is a fair this is the second

one I’ve got one in my theater room too this is

the one that goes in the kitchen um I love

ice but it’s very quiet very easy to clean there is a cleaning button on it you just run it with a little bit of solution and then

drain it just pop this off drain it cleans easily and you have to clean

it’s once in a while because unless you’re using like zero water

um you’re gonna have to clean it once in a while not very

often if you’re using clean

clean water as you know but um you just have to once in a while

very easy to do this stainless

This is the first side
This is the second side

in addition to

steel is very nice um you just wipe it down it looks beautiful I have 11 year

old and I have her friends they come over they get eyes there are

fingerprints all over but I have to say fingerprints come off very

easily on this one, I have some

stainless steel I have a lot of stainless

steel on in my house and I tell you it’s sometimes those fingerprints

Here is a very wonderful nugget ice maker uh anyway it’s very

easy to fill you just pull

this up and put the water in there now it will tell you when it needs to add water um it does have a really nice option of showing you when it’s cleaning too let’s

follow instructions on that very simple uh

right now showing it’s making

ice even though it’s pretty full right now I’ll find out once it comes

over the edge like that there we go let’s put some more in it um it does

really well I’m doing ice cubes I mean it makes it quick to I’ve had

probably three drinks in this tonight and it’s filling up

quick it’s filled up really quick no cons it’s a really nice ice machine


NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Daily, 12 Cubes

now I’m going to go through the good and the bad

most importantly I’m going to give you a whole bunch of practical in

formation so you can decide if this is the unit for you or

even if this type of thing is going to fit your needs

so right off the bat let’s get the negatives out of the

way and here’s the good part I only have one and it is so

minor there’s a blue protective film that goes on all the

metal and it’s obviously applied before any bending
or punching or assembly is done at the factory so when you go to peel it off it’s underneath all the parts all these trim control panels

handles all that it leaves little plastic bits so you’re gonna

have to you can still see some in there you’re gonna

pick it out that’s it that’s the only negative thing

other than that this is just a straight-up really

well made appliance everything functions exactly as

nugget ice maker they say it should and most importantly

exactly as you expect it does okay the big thing

that you need to understand

is you look at this and you think wow this thing’s huge I mean

you know it’s a beefy machine that’s going to

hold a lot of ice especially when it advertises up to 50

pounds of ice a day I mean that’s a lot of ice

that’s for a great party this is not for ice

storage is 100 ice production
meaning all you’re gonna get out of this is a little bit of ice at a time you’re gonna have to store it in a separate cooler this bin here which is completely

full the unit just auto shut off this is it this is all the ice

that it can store at a time so when you get to this point and it’s

going to vary how long that takes depending on your room

conditions and the size of cubes you’re making but in general

it’s going to be a couple of hours to produce one of these baskets you

have to dump it into some other kind of cooler or a bag and put it in a freezer

to keep for that kind of thing so if you’re

looking for a bunch of ice for a party like I throw I use

like a big 120-quart cooler you know it’s as wide as this whole

table and really deep and that’s where all everything goes I’m using dozens of pounds of ice to fill that cooler up all at once and get going

well you’d have to run this for a good day in advance and be

checking it every couple of hours to dump

out the ice in order nugget ice maker that

much ice so if that’s what you’re looking for if you

I thought this was a big ice chest that’s not going

to cut it for you but if you’re just

looking for something to continuously

be producing ice at a very quick rate like I said a couple

of hours produced this these
are the largest size ice cubes by the way I’ll show you a comparison here in a second but there’s nothing wrong with this set on large they’re very useful size cubes I don’t know if you call them cubes more like thimbles that take two hours to produce

so if you’re setting this up and it’s not a huge party and this is good

for a couple of hours for your guests, you can just keep it rolling

and it’ll auto shut off and pick back up as this is depleted

that’s really what this thing is for now checking

out of the size differences, it starts off really

small it takes a good hour for it to fully cool down once you turn it on and

start making cubes before it’s producing full quality because

everything has to chill and there’s really not that much of a difference

between the small and the large, I would suggest sticking to the large, and here’s the comparison between the large and the normal cubes that come out of my refrigerator which is on the small side for a refrigerator but it’s useful

nonetheless, so the way it works is it chills these fingers then

they dip down into a water bath basically in an ice tray and it freezes

them from the inside out so it just starts growing so the smaller

cubes are simply smaller freeze times before it releases

they and the larger ones are more

time and nugget ice maker it just drops somewhere

into the tray, this is your water reservoir
I get two trays of ice per fill of the reservoir right about the halfway point I filled it up to the return to the max line first I would like to see a little bit beefier tray it’s pretty flimsy plastic all right just picking
in addition

down here underneath the tray which can drip down

into the reservoir the slot is the water

return it flows it from down here pumps it up into the freezing

chambers and the excess just water falls back down

underneath the tray into the reservoir this up with one

hand this whole thing is flexing and bowing out so you’d really

want to only use it with two hands it’s a little inconvenient

having to just kind of use the tip of your finger

but I mean it works they could definitely improve that design

but it’s not a knock on it it does function just fine we’ve got

this big insulated lid here they do suggest

At the bottom of the tray that can fall into the tank, the hole in the return

of the water that flows from it from below here and pumps it to freezing

I will show you the advantages and disadvantages

in short
chambers and the excess just water falls back down underneath the tray into the reservoir I get two trays of ice per fill of the reservoir right about the halfway

the point I filled it up to the return to the max line first I would

like to see a little bit beefier tray it’s pretty flimsy plastic all

right just picking this up with one hand this whole

thing is flexing and bowing out so you’d really want to only use it ugget ice maker

with two hands it’s a little inconvenient having to just kind of use the tip of your finger but I mean it works they could definitely improve that design but it’s not a knock on it it does function just fine we’ve got this big insulated

lid here they do suggest keeping it shut at all times so you

kind of use it just to you know keep your ice in there

and either dump it out or scoop it out it is a normal refrigerator

and it is pretty loud it exhausts all the hot air out this side vent

here and volume-wise it is as loud as our large air fryer so it’s not something

where you’d want it anywhere near your bedroom if you are going

to be running it overnight and dumping

ice prepping for something maybe put it in your garage you can

use it outside if it’s out of the sun and it’s not too hot because

like a refrigerator the outside environment or the environment

that this is in the hotter it is the less efficient it’s going to be so it’s going to

take longer to make any kind of cubes and that is really about it it’s a simple
the operation’s a soft touch mechanism and screen and it does have an auto on and off timer which is very important because

especially if you need to prep it and you want to build this up for a couple of hours

you can do so before you need the ice and it’ll be ready to go and then you

can dump it and it can keep making the stuff it advertises

ice in as little as seven minutes and that is true if

you are on the small side it takes nugget ice maker about seven minutes

for a batch but there’s so little difference between the times for the large

and small I would just keep it on large it was taking about 10 minutes for the large and the cubes are much more useful and if this does

look like it’ll suit your needs for you so there you go it works I mean it really

does work it’s just it’s a simple kitchen appliance that’s the best

a compliment I can give to a product it works exactly as it should

and there are no really any big faults with it whatsoever

next one

Kismile Countertop Ice Maker Machine,26Lbs

this really awesome ice maker um so I’m very excited to have

this because I do not have a water line to my refrigerator

and I always love having ice so it’s just a pain to fill up ice trays all

the time and I just go through them so fast so I just

got this ice maker and I really love it and I’m just

going to go ahead and show you a bit about it so first it’s not too big

which is really nice fits on the countertop it’s great for storage

I’m just going to go ahead and turn it it’s actually really aesthetically pleasing as well so if you need to leave it on the counter it’s no big deal it’s really easy to use you just add water to the compartment

below so I’m just going to go ahead and flip this up so you just pour

water into this canal and then you just hit the on a button and you

can choose using the select button if you want smart

small or large ice cubes so super easy to use I’m going to

go ahead nugget ice maker and show you the ice maker

actually dropping the ice into the machine

so here are the simple buttons on and off it can tell you to add water

when it’s empty it’ll tell you when it’s full power that it’s on and then small

large ice cubes so the machine itself is really

easy just go ahead and

open it by lifting this little flap you can see that

there is a fill line in here so when you want to add water you just

go ahead and pour it right in you don’t want to fill it past
that fill line there we go so that’s perfect and then you just go ahead and shut the lid and then you can go ahead and walk away

all right so you’ve seen the ice drop in the machine you see

the top of the ice maker I am going to go ahead and flip this up

now it’s getting kind of full so I’m just going to go ahead

and scoop it does come with a scooper it’s really nice I’m going

to scoop out these ice cubes and into a bag so I can put

them in my freezer but what’s really cool is while they’re sitting in this

the reservoir they actually don’t stick together which is definitely

something that you want another thing I really like is that the machine

actually keeps them cold so you can just leave them to go for a little bit um

every like seven to eight minutes it drops another set of ice cubes
um so then there’s a really cute shape they’re a perfect cylinder as you can see here um so I’m going to go ahead and scoop a couple more of these in here uh so you just fill this

thing up with water you can turn it on you can let it go walk

away and it’s going to make ice for you once it knows it’s full it’ll tell

you it’s full and then you can just scoot them out just like

I’m doing it’s got a pretty big reservoir too so as you can see

here I’m pulling out quite a bit of ice

so I’m pretty excited about that and now I can go ahead and put

the sides in my freezer and be ready to go so overall I’m super

stoked I love having super cold ice water also

drinks and any other beverages I just like to have super cold so overall I love this ice maker I think it’s awesome

I’m very excited to have it I’m very excited that this thing

exists so that I don’t have to buy a whole new refrigerator

and run a water line to it so overall very excited definitely

recommend it super easy

after that

4-Ice Makers Countertop, Self-Cleaning

this is the frigid air ice maker and we are literally making ice just

minutes another

batch is done it’s absolutely fantastic so let me show

you up close what

these little pellets look like they’re incredible

they’re adorable and they are delicious

they’re actually soft ice like that really good ice that you get um from you know the nicer restaurants and stuff and this thing comes to us directly from amazon

we picked it up with amazon prime which meant free shipping free returns

in the a to z guarantee so I’m going to ask our camera

person to go ahead um it does come with a little scoop

here and I’m going to ask them we turn it on just a few minutes ago I’m

gonna ask them to go ahead and zoom in and show

exactly what it looks like inside you just put some water into the bottom tray down here okay and then it makes these adorable
little ice cubes it’s making a new batch up top and it just plops

them in and you can scoop them out so it’s really quick we

were able to make ice the first batch in a matter of just a few

minutes and this is a really nice looking

the unit so let me go ahead we’ll show the side of it next

and you can see it’s just a nice kind of silver

finish you can do small and large ice and on top, it’ll tell you when

the ice is full let me show you up top go ahead um there’s an

add water button ice full button

power small or large and then you’re on off and you select a size so really fantastic

there now this is a great device and these are all the rage kitchens

are using these you can take them

outside if you’re out camping all sorts of things so this is an incredible

little device and you know frigidaire has been the leading brand

in cooling, if you’re looking for something classy

frigidaire is one you’re going to trust so pick this up a lemonade

stand for your restaurant if you’re having a party and you

just need ice ready to go all day this is perfect think after that
about that next time you have a party if your friend’s over for a few drinks you always run out of ice you’re running

the store to get ice what if this was constantly making ice constantly

refilling and those drinks had perfect ice every time if you

want something on the rocks you want

a little juice whatever it is perfect ice every single time and really

really quickly so I love this I think it looks fantastic it’s amazing

how fast does it work um lets a go-ahead

Let’s move on to the next and last


5-ROVSUN Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Make 40lbs

Wondering if you should get an ice machine or not, this one is different

from a cobblestone ice machine, it actually makes ice cubes, and I

thought I’d kind of test it out to use a home bar, I want to be 100% Clear

going to be talking about it this machine is pretty straightforward

uh you have a reservoir up here so we’ll just like fill it up

there’s a little handy dandy knob up that just

tells you where the overfill line is so you don’t overfill it this machine can make 40 pounds of ice in 24 hours and it takes between 13 and 38 minutes to complete an ice cycle a really handy

feature of this machine is that on the front LCD display

it tells you the ambient temperature of the room and this is really

useful to know because the ambient temperature of the room can determine

the quality of your ice like if your ice is too thin

means that your ice maker

is in a too hot of a place that needs to be moved to somewhere

cooler and then also it determines

length of time that it takes a nice cycle to complete 13 minutes

in a place that’s cooler um and then

up to about not exceeding 38 minutes uh depending on how hot it is in

the room so it’s 82 degrees in this room right now I think it

was a completing a cycle every 20 minutes

or so to give you guys kind of a baseline idea of how long it

takes to make ice let’s move
on to the ice quality right this is basically what you have it’s basically the same ice that you would get in like a CVS or something

it’s a hotel pan ice is what we call this in the industry this is better

than freezing in an ice cube tray because you’ve got this really

really nice clear ice it’s actually impressively clear for something

that isn’t frozen in a cooler I always get busted for saying things

that is not a hundred percent positive

but this is really not the type of ice that I would normally use I gotta say

though that it’s really convenient in a neat then I would want

to add a little bit of this ice to the top of it and I think that that

would be totally fine the other thing that I would recommend

about using a machine like this is that the ice is stored at kind of a high temperature

and so the ice is very wet which is completely fine

but if you uh if you freeze it ahead because it makes 40 pounds
you might as well freeze it ahead I would store it kind of for a length of time in the freezer I like to use ice that’s just out of the freezer personally it just keeps

things a little bit colder longer uh but then again when you’re in a bar

and stuff you’re using wet ice and that’s completely fine as well due to the process

which the ice is frozen there are a couple of things that you got

to bear in mind, first of all, not all of the ice is going to be completely uniform

and you get this little divot inside the middle of the ice which I really don’t like

because spirits or cocktails can get inside of their and sort of compromise

it from the inside out you know the pluses about this machine is that it’ll save you

freezer space you know you’re going to have to relinquish

some counter space but it’ll save you freezer space so you don’t have

to stack up a bunch of ice cube trays you’ll always have clear ice on hand and

it looks pretty sexy inside the glass so there are guys the Robeson ice maker

now I’m going to level with you guys this is not the type of ice that I would

normally use I like to freeze my own ice but if you don’t want

to do that this is a really good solution

Thank you for getting here. Have a nice day (if you have any comments write them I will be glad to read them)

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