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Does 4k Matter On A Laptop?

There are so many factors to consider when you’re buying a new laptop. Especially considering the various selling points that each model likely has. For instance, laptops with 4k displays are becoming more common lately. A lot more common than when it first came out. For more on that, check out “When Did 4k Come Out”.

But the 4k feature typically comes with an increase in price, so for many, it’s hard to decide if it’s worth it.

This has led many consumers to question if 4k even matters on a laptop, and if it does, if it warrants the extra price that accompanies it. And while nobody can answer that question for everyone, today we are going to be talking about the facts of a 4k display on a laptop.

We’ll discuss what it does, if it matters, and if you should consider paying extra for it. Although we go deeper into the evaluation of whether it’s worth it in the article “Is A 4k Laptop Worth It”. As well as the article, “Are 4k Laptops Worth It”.

What role does 4k play in a laptop?

In order to understand how 4k affects laptops, you need to understand what the term refers to. So here’s a brief explanation but you can find more in the article “What Is A 4k Laptop”. And also in the post “How 4k Works”.

The term refers to a type of video resolution, a high one to be exact. And it’s also called UHD sometimes, since regular resolutions are referred to as HD.

A typical display has 1920 by 1080 pixels on the screen, 4k is a resolution that uses about four times as many pixels. To be exact, it comes in at around 3840 by 2160, although the exact number of pixels might vary.

But back to the topic at hand, how does that affect the laptop? Well, the UHD technology is obviously used on the laptop’s display, which makes the visual quality of the screen a lot higher. People describe it as being immersive and pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore, the hardware required to run the UHD technology actually increases the quality of the laptop indirectly. Typically a laptop will need higher quality GPUs and CPUs for a 4k display, but these features add benefits outside of just visuals.

Can a high resolution display have a negative effect on a laptop?

With all those benefits, you’re probably wondering if there’s a downside to having a 4k display on a laptop. And the answer is that like everything… a 4k display comes with downsides. Although there aren’t very many of them, and most consumers agree that the downsides are worth it.

The most commonly talked about “problem” with UHD laptops is that they’re very expensive. Which makes sense because all the benefits of 4k increase the price point quite a bit! And since electronics can already be quite expensive, many people feel that 4k laptops are a bit out of their budget.

Secondly, 4k laptops are known to have a considerably shorter battery life than laptops with regular resolutions. This is because it takes more energy to run the high quality visuals, so the battery drains faster. But because of the portable nature of laptops, it’s quite easy to charge it back up while using it!

And lastly, specifically for gamers (which we’ll talk more about in a moment), higher graphic settings can sometimes result in lower frames per second. So with 4k resolutions, they might find that their game lags or is otherwise affected.

But as far as the rumor that laptops can’t handle UHD resolution, that is incorrect! For more info on that topic, check out “Can Laptops Output 4k”. And also take a look at “Can A Laptop Support A 4k Monitor”.

What type of person would benefit the most from having this type of display on their laptop?

It’s ultimately up to you how much you think you’d benefit from having a 4k laptop. But for many people, the 4k display might be even more beneficial than it would be for average consumers. Let’s talk about a few of these people now.

Anyone who plans to watch television, movies, or even YouTube videos on their laptop would likely be very pleased with the high quality visuals that 4k offers. It would allow them to be immersed in their video media of choice, and they’d have a much better experience than they would with a regular laptop.

Gamers are another group of people that commonly look for 4k laptops.. Particularly if they plan to use their laptops for gaming. The high quality graphics can make gaming more enjoyable, and potentially even boost performance in competitive games!

Additionally, people who will use their laptop for work may find the 4k display particularly useful if their work involves anything visual. A great example might be photo/video editing. Since they could pay more attention to detail with the added pixels of a this type of laptop. These type of people might also benefit from other types of equipment like high grade cameras, we actually provide a list of those in this article.

So if you’re one of the people that want a UHD laptop, then check out the article “Which Laptops Have 4k Display”. And also look at the article “How Do I Know If My Laptop Is 4k”, to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

So does 4k matter on a laptop?

Some people might answer this question subjectively, and state whether or not a UHD display on a laptop matters to them. And to be fair, it might matter more or less to you depending on your priorities.

If you aren’t a very visual person then a higher quality display may matter less. But if you enjoy high quality video then it will matter very much! If you aren’t using your laptop for gaming then you’d be less likely to appreciate the increased graphic capabilities. But a gamer would be enamored with the increased resolution for their hobby. Etc…

But overall, the answer to the question posed above is yes! The UHD technology changes the game for laptops, and this type of laptop is one of the most sought after versions of this popular electronic device.

If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself then you can follow this link to find a variety of selections. Each 4k laptop on that list is sure to fit your needs, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

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