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Are 4k Laptops Worth It?

If you’ve been looking for 4k laptops recently, you may’ve heard about people buying them and regretting it because of the price. And to be fair…

Nobody wants to make a purchase where they feel as though they’ve wasted their money, which is why so many people spend time looking for deals or coupons or anything else that can lower the price of an item. It’s also why we leave and read reviews, as a way to communicate with other people whether or not an item is worth it.

And the need to know that what you’re planning to buy is worth it, only grows when you’re thinking about purchases which cost large amounts of money. Such as electronics, or in the case of today’s article, laptops!

So today we’ll be evaluating whether or not 4k laptops are worth it. We performed a similar evaluation in the article “Is A 4k Laptop Worth It”, if you’re interested,

Let’s begin taking a look at some of the factors that will go into this evaluation…

What is a 4k laptop?

A 4k laptop is a laptop with the added feature of having 4k resolution, but if you don’t know what 4k resolution is then that won’t make much sense.

The simplified explanation is that 4k resolution is a step above HD, but a very large step. Essentially has four times the amount of pixels! And that leads to 4k looking very different, and much better, than HD. In fact, once people get used to the high quality visuals that 4k provides, they find it hard to go back.

And fun fact, 4k laptops are also referred to as UHD laptops!

So all in all, a 4k laptop is a laptop with a 4k display. But if you’d like to dive deeper then take a look at “What Is A 4k Laptop” or “How 4k Works”.

Do 4k Laptops Actually Work?

We’re not going to go into a lot of detail on this topic in this article. But suffice it to say that laptops with UHD resolutions can absolutely run just as well as a regular laptop.

And if you’d like to find out why this is the case, then check out the article “Can Laptops Output 4k”. Or similarly, you can read the article “Can A Laptop Support A 4k Monitor”.

Why do people like UHD laptops?

A lot of people don’t understand the hype around 4k laptops though, at least not from the description alone. Which is understandable, you can’t always understand how good something is from just hearing about it. And the price of a 4k laptop is often enough of a reason for people to discount them if they haven’t experienced 4k firsthand.

But for the most part, people who have experienced 4k want it on everything. And that includes their laptops. So the simple answer to the question is that people like 4k laptops because of the improved experience they get while using them.

However, if you don’t have the opportunity to test out 4k technology for yourself before you make the purchase, then here are some sections to help you decide whether the big buy might be worth it to you. And at the end, if you have more questions, then you might enjoy “Does 4k Matter On A Laptop”.

What do consumers gain from 4k laptops?

As a consumer, a 4k display is seen as an upgrade for a laptop. And it’s seen this way for a reason, you stand to gain a variety of benefits.

First of all, the visuals are of high quality. This makes viewing videos and photos a more satisfying experience for most people. And furthermore, it makes any kind of editing you plan to do on the laptop a lot easier. Plus, if you’re a gamer, then you’ll probably enjoy the superior graphics within your games.

You’ll also have the added bonus of the laptop containing higher quality hardware such as upgraded GPUs and CPUs. The laptop build needs these high grade components to run the 4k laptops, but even though they’re necessary, they’re also a big bonus for you!

And lastly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have a piece of cutting edge technology. Plus the security of knowing you won’t be pressured for an upgrade anytime soon. In fact, many people say that 4k might be the preferred resolution for a very long time.

Do those benefits make 4k laptops worth the money?

Now the real question is, are those benefits enough to warrant buying a 4k laptop for yourself…? Because for many people, the price tag associated with a 4k laptop is enough to scare them off for good.

And whether or not you’ll be one of those people is up to you, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first of which is… most high quality items do cost more than their lower quality counterparts. So the prices behind 4k laptops really aren’t as bad most people make them out to be. Especially considering that laptops 

Secondly, because of the well built nature of these laptops, they’ll last you for a very long time. And that increases their value as well, since frequent upgrades really add to be quite expensive; and with 4k laptops, you’re avoiding that.

So if you look at it that way, the price tag doesn’t seem so ridiculous anymore.

And remember, if your 4k laptop isn’t suiting your needs then you could also resell it for more money than you could an HD laptop.

So are 4k laptops worth it?

Having said all that, are 4k laptops worth it? For most people nowadays, yes they are. And it’s been this way, almost since the inception of UHD technology. Which, speaking of, you can learn more about in the article “When Did 4k Come Out”. The 4k upgrade is one of the most popular electronics upgrades on the market today, so the average consumer is willing to spend a bit more money on it.

If you want to become one of those people then feel free to follow this link to find a variety of 4k laptop options, you’re to find one that will suit your needs and be worth it to you! Plus, you can get some shopping tips in the articles “Which Laptops Have 4k Display” and “How Do I Know If My Laptop Is 4k”.

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