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4k laptop Review best Laptops in 2023

and today with us an amazing list I will show

I will with you the review best 4k laptops in 2022

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about the advantages

and disadvantages I am very excited guys, I hope you like the list, let’s start

1-Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

so this is the brand new razer blade 15. my unit happens to come

with the new RTX 2070 max-q now if you’re looking

at it, you’re probably

saying matt what is the difference it looks

exactly the same and you’re absolutely

right it does it has the same look it has the same feel the only

the difference in terms of its outer interior is the thickness of it it’s

hard to tell on camera but the brand new razer

blade 15 is slightly thicker by a few millimeters
This is the thickness

those extra millimeters are to incorporate the bigger RTX GPUs and also

probably helps a little bit with cooling the look I still

love that the build quality still top-notch especially when

you compare it to other competing
products I still think razer has some of the best-built gaming

laptops out there the port situation is exactly the same as

last year so I’m not going to go over the ports again but I do

wish they put an sd card slot on this I mean at the end of

the day they’re including 4k panels with beautiful

color accuracy so they’re aiming it towards

gamers but it’s very appealing for content creators the internals

everything inside is the same place there are some

upgrades for example the name SSD is now faster this year

compared to last you’re almost getting
double the read speeds and slightly faster

Write speeds The wi-fi card has also been

upgraded, I don’t really notice much of a difference but it’s newer and this

is in a 4K laptop

year you can put 64 gigabytes of ram inside of here instead of just 32.

now battery life is still using an 80-watt hour cell so I’m getting

about five to five and a half hours of use with the 4k version I’m

sure if I bought the full HD version instead my battery life

would be better so as I mentioned my

display is 4k it’s using the same

with really good brightness over 350 nits of brightness

the webcam is the same it’s still terrible at 720p but you do get a

brand new infrared sensor on the top so you’re

capable of using windows

hello this makes a big difference to me I like using windows

hello it’s such a great piece of technology being able to

quickly getting into your laptop using your face is so much

more convenient than typing in a password the

sound is still the same you still have two speakers

on both sides of the keyboard

giving you more immersive sound

laptops that do it better but overall it’s very acceptable

The keyboard exactly the same you’re still getting chroma

lighting you can light up each key individually if you really

want to overall it’s a very beautiful keyboard the only thing that I wish

was that it had more travel distance it doesn’t feel like a gaming

keyboard and it feels more like a keyboard

that belongs on a MacBook pro the touchpad is

still the same

very accurate when I’m dragging around the 4k laptop

the screen and using gestures so let’s talk about what

matters the performance it’s still using the same CPU as

last year the i7 8750h so anything CPU intensive you’re not

going to see any difference it’s the GPU that’s been upgraded the RTX 2070

max q inside of here is about 10 to 15 faster than last year’s tax 1070

max q so that pretty much puts it online

with a full-size gtx 1070 or

tdp on the GPU itself so you should get some better efficiency

this will be able to game comfortably at full HD or HD

with settings set to high 4k is hit or miss older titles you can

a game at 4k like overwatch but when it comes to some of the

newer titles you’re definitely gonna have to drop down the settings

now the one thing that razer does really well is cooling the CPU they

take more of a proactive approach compared

to the competition

throttle it again this is fine if you want the best frame

rates but it don’t help for the longevity of the CPU what

they do instead is power throttle the CPU reducing

amount of power that goes to it with that you get lower

turbo boosts usually average around 2.6 to 2.8 gigahertz

instead of crazy turbo boosts that stay at max CPU

speeds with that you get a CPU that stays significantly

cooler at around 80 to 85 degrees I’ll be honest

products but two or three years down the road this laptop is more likely to

4k laptop compared to the competing ones and the last thing is fan noise it gets just

as loud as last year but the thing about this year’s

model, I don’t find they’re ramping up as often as they

did last year so you have a little bit better

consistency a little bit better control of the fans compared to

before so here are my closing thoughts the razer

blade 15 is still one of the better-built gaming

feel the same but at the end of the day there’s a lot of

small improvements to make this a more refined and complete

package I do wish it had an sd card slot and I do wish the keyboard

had better travel distance but overall it’s still one of the better gaming

laptops you can buy today I really truly like the proactive approach they

take to cooling the system rather than the more

reactive approach other laptop vendors take anyways

Advantages and disadvantages

that wraps up my review of the RTX 2070 max-q from razer blade let

next one

MSI Creator 15 A10SFS-2

hey guys today’s video is all about the MSI

creator 15 a laptop that is aimed at creators obviously

with a focus on powerful specs and a long battery life thanks to its

huge 99.9-watt-hour battery and if you think it looks familiar

you are completely right as they basically took the gs66 gaming

laptop and turned it into a more professional alternative so it is nothing

like the creator 17 even though

they share the same name but it’s more like a gs66 exact

specs will vary per region as usual and it will either

come with a six-core or an eight-core i7 a wide

4k laptop

at the low end and then going up to an RTX 2080

supermax q at the high end and on top of that most models

will also come with a touch screen panel now most laptops

with touch screens don’t really focus on dedicated

graphics cards and vice versa most laptops that feature a powerful

GPU doesn’t really focus on a touch screen and this laptop

actually has both which kind of makes it special in a way now my exact

the model here is actually a more affordable version

featuring a six-core i7 10 750h a gtx 1660 to 16

gigs of ram 512 gig SSD and a full HD touch

which usually ends up being around fifteen hundred

dollars in us let’s begin but if you want a nice and big gaming

monitor instead check out the g32qc from gigabyte

this 32-inch monitor with a curved

v8 panel quality resolution and 165hz refresh

rate is pretty fast and great for gaming it supports g-sync and free sync and it also comes

with an excellent image quality thanks to its exceptional

contrast and brightness did I mention it’s also pretty affordable now

check it out using the links in the description below the design

of this new creator, 15 is pretty much

based on the gs66 gaming laptop that actually had a very clean and a very

professional design it was also extremely

well built so I’m really happy they

decided to use this as the base for a more creator

with the well-built metal panels and a very

good finish 4k laptop

now it’s not quite on a razor blade or a MacBook level but it is actually

really good unfortunately it does like fingerprints a lot so be

prepared to clean it regularly in terms of size it is a pretty

standard 15-inch laptop is 36 centimeters wide 25 centimeters
super lightweight laptop but that

was to be expected considering the specs of this thing you can

open it easily with one hand and the inside has the same

build quality and that same

clean aesthetic as the outside there is barely any flex in the keyboard

and the keys are really easy to read combining a clear font on black keys

with a white backlight, the keyboard itself is a bit lighter but like most

other MSI keyboards feel pretty good and it will be very easy to get

used to it quickly the touchpad is a bit larger which is nice for

everyday use and it comes with a fingerprint
reader built-in it is one of the better touchpads in my experience

with a nice smooth glass finish and pretty good accuracy I did

find that pressing the corners was a bit heavier than

usual now it doesn’t really bother me personally but i

imagine it might not suit everyone you can of course

just stab the surface to click instead as well or just do what other

normal people would do and use a mouse instead on the right side you

get a fast USB 3.2 gen 2 type a port and an HDMI

port with support for 4k 60hz displays plus a USB 3.2 gen 2 type c port with

support for Displayport and Thunderbolt 3 as well as 4k laptop the option to actually

charge the laptop via USB if you buy a compact type c charger for just
light use on the go and on the right side there is a combined

audio jack a USB 3.2 gen 2 type c port an sd card reader and a gigabit

ethernet connection while I appreciate them adding a card reader to a machine

called creator they did remove the two extra USB type-a ports

that the gs66 had instead and in my opinion a 15-inch laptop

like this really should have more

than one USB type-a ports one of the main reasons that you want to

consider this creative 15 is the fact that it does combine a touch

screen with a proper dedicated graphics card now

there are a lot of laptops with a touchscreen but most

would not offer a strong
GPU option if they offer a GPU at all now this one has a 1080p IPS

display with touch support and subjectively it looked and felt

good the moment I started using it offers a good amount of

brightness for example

touch performance also feels really solid it feels really smooth and I think

it responds fast now I personally don’t really use touch displays every

day but the fact is that it’s a feature that a lot of people do like and they

do use a lot it would have been even better if it was a 4k screen

instead, as those extra pixels really do benefit

creators but

looking at the panel

performance you do notice some weaknesses here srgb

color gamut was only 86 for example which also causes

some of the other color accuracy results are lower than

perfect so it will be lacking for anyone that really

needs to do color-critical work

the contrast isn’t that great either it is in line with many

IPS monitors but many laptops offer better contrast so to

put it in perspective this level of performance is

enough for things like product

photos or even a 4k laptop You find things like this

more than fine for any kind of office style use and not to mention it is better than
you will find many affordable laptops but it should have been better for graphic artists
especially because it’s not a cheap laptop and it is actually

called a creator now there is a 4k panel option as well that does

feature 100 adobe RGB coverage but no touchpad

option so if you really need to have perfect color accuracy you should

go for that one instead of CPU performance

of the six-core intel core, i7 is all right it’s a strong six-core CPU with

decent all-around performance plenty of power for most creative or work

applications and so on but at the same time it is outperformed

by cheaper laptops
that has AMD’s new ryzen mobile CPU so it’s not bad but if all you care about

is CPU power there are cheaper and better options out there

and I can say the same for the GPU performance actually

the 60 watt Nvidia GeForce gtx 1660 ti is definitely not the most

powerful GPU you can find in this price class but it is a very

capable one it will be fine for your creative apps

that support NVidia GPUs like adobe premiere
for example and it will be decent enough for gaming you can easily play

some aaa games on medium settings and light games on high but

don’t buy this laptop if gaming is your main goal this is more

for users that are looking for a work laptop with a touchscreen

that also want to do some gaming in their free time one area

where the creator 15 does really well is the battery

life at around five and a half 4k laptop hours of productivity it ended

up nice and high up in the graph

in an area that’s actually dominated by laptops

with a weaker GPU or a more efficient CPU and the same goes for 7 hours

with a weaker GPU or a more efficient AMD CPU and the same goes

for 7 hours which is by the way the largest battery you can take

onto an airplane but anyways it’s a really good result

and it means that you can easily work on this most of the day

without worrying about your charger turbo

performance is all right as well when stressing both the CPU

and the GPU the creator does push for performance at the expense

of higher temperatures but I would say around 90 degrees

on your CPU has basically

become the standard in laptops nowadays the default balance
mode is a bit warm but surprisingly quiet at 40.8 decibels high

performance mode ramps up the fans a bit more

boosts the speeds and it’s actually not extremely loud so it ends up

faster with a slightly better CPU temperature so I would

say in my opinion if you want to game on this

laptop I would use this high performance

mode and if you’re working in an application that mostly

uses your CPU I would suggest setting the software to balance

mode actually in a CPU only stressed as temperatures stayed

reasonable performance is still good and noise levels remained

decent as well as hitting a nice balance between

the three now in high-performance mode the CPU power draw goes up a lot and you actually end up
with a lot more noise and a CPU temp of above 90 degrees

celsius so basically you should swap between the two

modes depending on what your 4k laptop does on this laptop which

can easily be done by pressing f7 just like on the gs66 I really like what

they did with the internals it is really easy to

open this laptop and once inside you can see a lot of heat

pipes and all the parts that you want to reach you can
easily clean the fans you can replace the battery you can upgrade the wi-fi chip though it is a wi-fi six

chip so you don’t really have to upgrade it yet you can

replace both memory modules and you can

replace the factory SSD or even add a second one I think it gets a perfect score for

upgradability and for maintenance, the speakers are not one of the

strengths of this laptop but they’re more than loud

enough so you can easily listen to some videos or watch

some movies but the sound quality is just mediocre there is barely any bass and it just lacks

clarity in my opinion I also noticed that because of the positioning of the speaker

openings you can easily cover them with your hand while you’re

working on the laptop and even though it is just a minor

inconvenience it is still just an extra

thing to think about while working on it if you’re looking for some reliable and fast

external storage sheds are the way to go it doesn’t matter if you’re just

going to use them to copy some files to work from them for example or to

keep your games on they’re just such a useful tool to

have now thankfully it will be completely

It is important to talk about the advantages and disadvantages quickly

It is important to talk about the advantages and disadvantages quickly
These are the advantages and disadvantages

next one


Look at this monster 4k laptop 

now this laptop is definitely more of a mobile workstation than a gaming

machine and I will explain that further as we

discuss the specs but if you are a creator or

designer of any kind then this thing is definitely

something worth taking a look at so what’s inside

firstly let’s talk about the processor
inside the aero17 hdr is the latest 11th gen intel core i7 11800h which is a mobile processor also known as the tiger lake processors there are also i9 versions

available as well a faster processor means a more efficient workflow and reduce

rendering times so you can get your work out faster this

laptop has a 4k ultra HD display with a 100 adobe RGB and an x-rite Pantone

certified display adobe RGB means it can cover a wider color space than

regular RGB monitors every aero panel is x-ray calibrated

out of the factory

this means more detail and more color depth perfect

for creators and designers, it also has an HDMI at 2.1 output
which means you can plug in an external monitor and output up to 4k at 120 hertz for all your gaming needs now this is a laptop built to

cater for the designer professional the inbuilt 4k

screen is beautiful but it is locked to 60hz it is definitely

capable of gaming but if you want a higher refresh rate it is definitely well worth plugging in that external monitor gamers will often

prioritize a higher refresh rate rather than a 4k resolution

now obviously we all know that most laptops do have an sd card

reader but what’s neat about the aero laptop is the transfer

speed the sd card reader in this system offers up to 300 megabits

per second which 4k laptop is 12 times faster than a traditional sd

card readers so not only can you transfer your photos

and videos on the go but you can do it 12 times faster the arrow 17

also has a thunderbolt 4 port which is perfect if you have any game

docks 4k displays and up to 40 gigabits per second transfer

speeds and again that just really highlights that this is a mobile workstation

you can take it to work do all of your photo and video editing

on this system then bring it home plug it into your game dock with all of your peripherals plug it into a 4k monitor and get to the games the aero17 comes

equipped with an RTX 3080 laptop GPU with 8GB of video memory

giving you the power to not only drive the 4k display for your video

editing and graphic

projects but also give you a decent frame rate for general

gaming for super fast and secure logins the touchpad on the laptop

also has a fingerprint scanner which I still find really

novel and I just love logging in with it in terms of the battery

life of the laptop mileage may vary depending on what applications you are using however the smart power manager uses ai to adjust

CPU and GPU wattage depending upon what you were doing

web browsing at 4k resolution and 75 brightness had a 5 hour

battery life and 1080p video playback at 20 brightness

can go for up to 8 hours on a full charge obviously the battery

life all comes down to what you’re doing with it

the brightness of the screen the

applications and the RGB zones speaking

of ribs you can absolutely

customize the lighting zones on the keyboard you can change the colors and it has an array of different lighting effects so if you’re looking for a mobile

workstation that is well capable of playing the latest

games I think the aero17 hdr

is definitely something to consider the most

the exciting thing for me with this

laptop definitely the display the color

accuracy for videos and photo

editing is something that I’ve struggled with so much on other

systems I’ve considered getting calibrators and everything

but with this one I don’t have to pair that with its processing power the sd card reader and everything it’s just going to make my editing

life is much better but that is for aero 17 video if you are

looking for editing capabilities I am looking

forward to putting them through their

gameplay steps as well

I will show you the advantages and disadvantages

These are the advantages and disadvantages

4-Apple 12-Inch MacBook Laptop

part of this is a spec upgrade but there are more significant

updates to this computer then there are to the MacBook pros

specifically, there is a new keyboard mechanism built

in here so this gets the second-generation butterfly

switches that the MacBook Pro also has so I think that

really addresses one of the complaints of the previous

model but of course, we also get kV-lake processors

and new graphics, and for the first time

we get a 16 gig ram upgrade option

the version we’re going to take a look at today but you can also upgrade to a core i5 or a core i7 in this fanless

a computer which I think is pretty interesting and you

can also upgrade the ram to 16 gigs and you’re stuck

to 512 gigs of SSD storage so that’s the maximum you

can go when it comes to the accessories all pretty much

the same as the last model of course we get a USB-C cable

for recharging the MacBook again very nicely tied up here

in terms of the paperwork, we get something

that’s kind of unique to the macbook 12in m7

lineup and that is color matching apple stickers so in this case i get space gray but of course

if you get gold rose gold or even silver you’ll see

matching stickers there as well of course we get a

quick start guide and warranty info also included is

the 29 watt usbc power adapter so again the cable

can be removed unfortunately the extension cable

is no longer included with macbooks now like most

spec upgrades you’re not going to see a whole lot

visually different between this and the previous

model the only thing that really tells you that this is a new model is the keyboard iconography

so if you look at the control and option key you’ll

see some new icons there of course this is a

computer that didn’t really need a design

update it looks fantastic i like this wedge

shape it’s extremely compact weighs only two

pounds so it’s very lightweight and i think it’s

just the right size for most people of course

that means they did not change the port

situation there’s still just one

usb type-c connector on the left side

with a headphone jack and a dual microphone on the right side although this port did not

pick up thunderbolt 3 thanks to the new intel hd graphics

615 gpu this is able to output to higher resolution monitors

so it can now output to 4096 by 2304 that’s up

from the 3804 by 2160 that this computer was maxed

out to last year another improvement you can’t see is

bluetooth 4.2 replacing 4.0 from the previous models

also carried over is the 12 inch ips display with a

resolution of 2304 by 1440 that’s good for 226

pixels per inch it’s a very bright and vivid

display although it did not pick up the dc ip3 spectrum of the macbook pros for the most part

the displays look the same but there seems to be

a slight difference to the anti-reflective coating

on the new macbook they didn’t mention this

change here but it does look like it’s a bit more

effective on the new macbook 12in m7 it doesn’t look

as green and there’s a little less reflection here so i

think this is the same coating they use on the newer

macbook pros perhaps the only thing that really needed

an improvement that did not happen is the 480p

facetime camera so we’re still stuck with that

battery capacity is still 41.4-watt-hours and that should get you about 10 hours of wireless

web browsing is very similar to the MacBook pro

besides the new key icons, for the most part, the

keyboard and the large force touch glass trackpad

look the same and they all work mostly the same

but obviously, there’s a big difference in terms of

how the keyboard feels and sounds now this sounds

and feels very much like a MacBook Pro keyboard

so if you don’t like that keyboard you’re still not

going to like this now personally I love it it’s a very

fast and tactile keyboard and I think it’s a

huge improvement over the previous

MacBook which was a lot vaguer and quite flat compared to what you get with this now

to my eyes it really doesn’t look like the height of

the keys has changed at all it still looks identical

to the previous model it’s just the way they feel

and click so let’s go to the keyboard

in action to see how they differ

also just above the keyboard is one of the best-sounding

speaker systems I’ve ever heard on a laptop

especially at this size, it’s really impressive so

borg and Apple have updated all of its MacBook pros

with kaby lake CPUs and new graphics once again

the best way to illustrate what’s new and improved

about a spec upgrade is to compare it to the like

model from the previous release and that’s what

I’m going to do here so I have the baseline

is kb lake and it’s also a bit faster we go from 1.1 gigahertz to 1.2 gigahertz

in terms of our geekbench scores pretty significant

gains over the previous model i’m actually surprised

by how significant this is so this is still not going to

compete with the macbook pro but it’s definitely

a big improvement over what we had previously in

terms of graphics all macbooks get the hd graphics

615 gpu replacing the 515 from last year now the gains

here are not that significant so we’re seeing 25

frames per second as opposed to 23 frames

per second but we are seeing really significant cpu gains although the ssd sizes haven’t

changed they’ve sped up quite a bit so we’re seeing huge

gains here in terms of the read and write speed now

this becomes evident especially when launching apps

there’s much less lag here on the new macbook versus

the old one so that does make a performance

difference so in the end i’ve always really liked

the macbook 12in m7 it’s far more powerful than i think most

people expect from it and it does everything I need to do day to day besides

which I’m going to use my main machines

for anyway so for day-to-day laptop use

such as reading email social media web browsing this is

more than capable even in its baseline

configuration now the main reason I stopped using

the MacBook was because of the better keyboard

on the MacBook Pro which is very important

when you spend a lot of time typing so now

that that keyboard has made it

to the MacBook I definitely

see myself using this more than the MacBook pro alright guys hope you enjoyed this look at the updated

MacBook 12in m7 I think it’s worth your look

Poros and Cons

Thank you for reading.Note: This article will be constantly updated

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